Clothes Shopping Embargo for the Shopaholic

So today I went to a different city to do a bit of shopping (my hubby had a specific shop he wanted to visit). But I am on a clothes shopping embargo. I have 2 massive wardrobes full of clothes and have decided I must not buy anymore in my current size. The clothes I have either fit me or are 1 - 2 sizes too small. So I really need to drop 3 dress sizes before I can go clothes shopping again:( Even then I have clothes scattered about and in the loft that will then fit me.

So todays purchases were a rucksack to carry when walking and some trainers sock - for, you've guessed it - walking! I also bought myself a GPS watch last week.

So now I can't buy lots of nice food or clothes - that should give me some more motivation to shift a few more lbs:)

Once I drop a dress size the clothes are going to charity as I am determined to at least keep off what I lose. I will not ignore the popping zips on my trousers again!


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12 Replies

  • I hear you! :-) I am doing the same thing. The other day I actually arranged my clothes in size order so that I can chart my progress. I kept a lot of my smaller size clothes from recent years cos I was determined to get back into them some day. There's a long way to go but the clothes are a good visual motivator re the stages of weight loss to come.... Have already comfortably got into jeans which didn't fit a month ago :-)

    Enjoy your socks and your rucksack :-)

  • I went shopping on Saturday and also bought a rucksack for walking as me and a friend are planning a walking weekend away when its a bit warmer, i did also buy some waterproof trousers in the size i'm nearly in as we are not going for a while but they are elasticated so should be ok.

  • Good on you guys for buying a rucksack and walking shoes. Enjoy your life, be happy.

  • Well done. I tried doing the same after losing my first stone (only 4 to go), I went into town and instead of buying clothes I bought some new make up. I don't normally wear make up but have been in an effort to feel better about myself. Being so large I haven't spent much effort on what I look like but as I have dropped one dress size (which just means my current clothes actually fit), I am trying to love the rest of me.

  • I know what you mean white-shirt. Like you I have a fair bit to lose so it is going to be a long journey but every lb off is heading in the right direction. Many of my clothes were starting to get tighter so my loss so far means most just fit a bit better. My jeans and trousers do feel looser but not yet comfortably dropped enough to get into a size smaller. I hope the make-up did help you feel a bit better and that as the lbs come off you will love yourself a bit more. Being overweight doesn't make us bad people and taking positive action can only be good for us:)

  • Well done you!! That's difficult!! I do the same tho, if the clothes are too big they go to charity so there is no way back. I was a size 30 at Christmas and I'm now a 22/24 with some stretchy stuff a 20 so there is no way I'm going back to a 30. I'm so much healthier now, its amazing. Have terrible Arthritis in my knees and although it not better and won't be better until I get replacements I think I would have been in a wheelchair by now!! Keep up the good work xx

  • Hi rudysmummy. I am/was a similar size. It is so encouraging to see you have got down to 22/24 already, hopefully I will get there over the next few months. I got to a size 20 over 10 years ago and that is my first target this time around.

    I hope your arthritis is improving with the weight loss. At least by losing weight you have a better chance of having surgery. It sounds like you are really turning your life around. Well done:)

  • Sounds like a brilliant plan, but when you get to your iideal size dont be surprised if the old clothes arent suitable. It sounds like a minor 'problem' to have, but I recehtly reached my target weight, 2 stone off and 1 to 2 sizes smaller . Sadly my old favourite outfits that Id been keeping still dont fit properly. As well as losing inches on my hips and tummy , somehow my back and shoulders have shrunk. So I just had to get 2 lovely evening tops altered by a dressmaker.

    But it's a minor problem to have, and you'll enjoy every minute of trying the clothes on again, even if you decide to discard them!

  • Hi elliebath, I am guessing most of my smaller clothes will be seriously out of fashion as some of them are 10+ years old. But there will be some great reminiscing when I do try them on:)

    When I lost weight last time I had a few favourite bits altered too.

    I am a little better off these days and clothes are so cheap so if I can get down a few sizes I think I am going to love going shopping!

  • Yes you will !! Last week I tried on last summer's cropped trousers ( hardly worn) and they all looked too baggy. So I have gone back to m&s and bought two new pairs size 14 at same price as last year, and have happily taken the bigger ones to the charity shop. I dont recommend keeping any big stuff, it'd just be an excuse to put weight back on!

  • Totally agree with you elliebath, the big stuff is going. I may keep one pair of trousers for comparison purposes though. I have tried on some of last years summer stuff and it is much loser than last year, must be the first time I have gone into a summer with last years clothes feeling loser instead of tighter!

    Glad you are seeing the efforts of your hard work paying off:) Now we just have to keep it up!

  • I know what you mean, this is also my first summer for many years that my clothes aren't too tight! However, maintaining weight is harder than I thought , so I just hope I'm still saying the same thing next year! Good luck to you with your progress!

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