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Gym induction!!!

Today I'm off for a gym induction! I've been apart of a physio group which ended this week using lots of gym equipment so it seems a good idea and a natural progression of my reciprocation. But... I'm still someone without much strenght or fitness. It's still intimidating and scary but the good thing is that before I started losing weight I wouldn't have been will to go at all.

I'm currently on my forth week having lost 8 lbs. When I get home (after a shower) I'm going to try on some of my clothes and see if I fit into any more of my wardrobe as a few things are starting to feel baggy!

Wish me luck!

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Hope it goes well!


Hi hope the induction went well for you that's the first step taken so big cheer...

Your strength and fitness with build up over time as you continue to work out. When I started my journey I was well out of shape and my fitness levels were low but now I can do so much more and I am really happy with my achievements so far.

Well done on your loss of 8 lbs keep up the good work as it will pay off.

Good luck on your continued journey it will all be worth it


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