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MFP hates me!

So last week I realised I had put my height in to MFP wrong and changed it by 1 inch and lost a chunk of calories.

I have told it I have sedentary lifestyle and I am aiming to lose 1lb per week. I am 41 and 5'6". 11st 13lbs.

Out of interest I decided to see how many calories I should have if I was lightly active. I changed it back to sedentary and it slashed my calories again

I am now allowed 1300 per day, seems really low. It gets lower and I will be really struggling.

Think MFP hates me lol x

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I'm 55, 5' 3", lightly active (not recently as I've hurt my knee) , 11st 1lb and am allowed 1280 calories. That's too low for me so I aim for 1,500 and have been losing 1lb a week so far. Friday is weigh in day........ watch this space. Find out what works for you Littlepins.


Thanks for your reply. I'm sticking to it but finding it tough some days. I will keep going for another week or two and then may increase. However if I go over I won't beat myself up about it lol My weigh in is on Sunday morning. Will keep and eye out to see how your doing.


Hello, I found this calculator a bit more accurate - but it may result in even less calorie...


Being more active does help (for me - at 5'6", 13 1/2 st and 52 with moderate exercise I would need is 1800 cal a day to loose about 1 lb a week)

Your energy need will reduce as you loose weight, so recalculate every now and then.


Keep in mind that if you eat less, you will have less energy. If less energy, less activities therefore weight gain. In my opinion, you have to eat enough and well. Don't aim too high. A bit at a time will get you there.

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Hello there. I am 5ft 5in age 62 , so immediately my older age reduces my BMR and calories needed. A year ago I was 11st 13 lbs. size 16.

I decided to aim for a slow loss of 1-2 lbs a week.

I don't sit on my butt all day, but I don't run or go the gym either!!

For a year I logged my meals every day onto MFP got myself a pedometer and managed to average about 7000 steps. I set MFP as lightly active.

Over the year I lost 30 lbs and am now maintaining at 9st 11 lbs , BMI 23.



I have a desk job, but average 5000 steps during the day, I try to factor in some extra evening walks aswell which take me above 7000 and I do the odd work out. I feel like I have been too low on calories, while week 1 had a fantastic result, I have felt low on energy this week and had the odd light headed moment, I will listen to my body more from now on, if I am under the calories I am 'allowed' then great as long a I dont feel less than 100% as a result, if i go up to 1500 then the world wont end lol

maybe i should change it to lighty active, which allows me 1510!

Pigivi - I just tried your recomended calculator and this is giving me a figure close to 1500 too.....I think MFP is being harsh, 1lb per week is more than enough for me. :)


I adjusted the calorie limit on MFP to fall in line with the NHS guidance on their weight loss pages and so stuck to 1400 a day and lost on average 2lb a week. Find what works for you, I think MFP can be a bit mean with the calories!


Hi. I'm 45. 5'6 too. 11 stone 11. My fitness app recommend 1200 for me too. It was okay some days but I couldn't enjoy life everyday. Looked up nhs site. 1400 for weight lose . Friend goes to Scottish slimmers, she worked cal as 1400 . hope this helps


thank you everyone, I have now adjusted my calories to 1400 and will see how it goes.

I have a very hectic and social weekend ahead and thought i would do a pre weekend weigh in instead of waiting until Sunday......never weigh early, have gained 1lb and been on super low calories....following a huge week 1 weight loss this is disheartening but I am also very aware of fluctuations in weight due to water etc. so i am not overly bothered

Will check again on Sunday and will then give it another week at my new and improved calorie allowance and see how I get on (if this happens every week i may be more bothered lol )


Yes good idea. Increase it for a couple of weeks but dont panic if you see a plateau or even a gain in the first week or so. I reached my goal in march and am still trying to find my long term maintenance level. I went up to 1500 last week, a few meals with wine, and I now appear to have gained 2lbs ...yikes !! But I know thats illogical and it is probably water weight not fat ....

Hang on in there! 😊

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