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Just did a 4 mile interval training run


I weighed myself this morning and I'm still 11.5.2 stone. Ok I have lost a little bit since last week but I have worked out 3 times since Sunday and tried to stay in my calorie limit. Although this is a little bit frustrating I still motivated myself to workout tonight. However I have been a bit naughty this morning and had a mcdonalds sausages mcmuffin and a hash brown, yes it was delicious but it was very naughty of me but the strange thing is I haven't gained any weight. The body is wonderful as well as complex

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The exercise is great for your general health and also for any signs of depression which you have mentioned previously.

However to lose weight the most important thing is to manage your eating. What sort of diet are you doing?

Also the fact that you are badly this morning won't show up immediately. Keep going with your eating healthily plan.


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