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Week three

So I brought some mechanical scales, I have been using my mums electronic scales. What do people prefer?

So this weekend I had a Chinese takeaway and a few treats, when over my cal but I feel ok! (If you no what I mean) I haven't put on no weight and so far I have lost 4kg, very pleased with that, i only wanted to loose it slowly and enjoy it and I am!

Today I have started bootea 14 day teatox, just to give my self a boost I'm not looking for major results.

I feel if I have a treat every couple of weeks it will keep me on track. Anybody else feel like or do this? Is it bad? I know I should keep within my calories for the day but surly 200-300 over inst going to effect you that much? Or can it. I understand it will take longer.

Anyone's opinions welcome. Thanks.

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Hey i totally agree i think by making foods "forbidden" it makes us more likely to slip up and binge, i think its all about learning moderation when it comes to things like this. a couple hundred extra calories once every few weeks wont make a big impact to your weight loss overall, although you may see it that week, i always try to have my treat the day after my weigh in so i have a week to work it off. I have electronic scales that i use that tell me fat and muscle % which i really like as even though my weight doesnt move sometimes i can still see benefits like losing fat. Have a good week

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Yes it was only about 300 cals over and it was my weighing day so hopefully I can work it off, I have toyed so hard and just couldn't resist, I didn't go overboard like I used to so I think that is a big improvement. Have a good week to.


Well done you're doing great! 🎉🎉keep up the good work! I just use mechanical scales, but was thinking of investing in some like fibronfedup so when I don't lose weight I can see changes in body composition! 🌸


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