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Yo Yo!


Start Weight 15/2/15 - 12st 6lbs

Last weigh in 6/3/15 - 11st 12lbs

Current weight at 19/03/15……..Easter/Weekend in Paris/ Weekend in Brighton/Holidays/Forgetting I was supposed to be on a diet – 12st 4lbs

Target for 25/05/15 – 11st 8lbs

Ultimate Target - 10st 7lbs


Finding out you gave MFP the wrong height, adjusting height and losing 30 calories from my allowance! - Depressing.

Sun coming out and going for lunch time and evening walks and earning 200 calories - exciting!

Cabbage addiction - brilliant

Having the support of a wonderful girlfriend who is no longer carb loading for a marathon and is trying to lose a stone and is willing to try anything new - Priceless!!!

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Its lovely to see you have support at home, i think that can make a lot difference having someone support you. You sound really determined and on the ball. Hope you meet your goal


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