Week 7 - no change

Weighed in the other day for week 7 and I've stayed the same. Bit disappointed but did have a big night out on Saturday with quite a few alcoholic drinks consumed. Great night though. The other thing was that I started logging my exercise on mfp and eating into some but not all of those calories. I think that might have slowed things down so going back to just counting the calories and trying to stick to it. Read some posts about what others were doing and think it's probably better to just see exercise cals as an extra cushion . Let's see what happens with week 8. Really need a loss 👙


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10 Replies

  • Hey, I think it's a good idea not to eat into your exercise calories. I record mine but just look at them as a bonus rather than leeway for more food. If you've had a heavy night on the juice you will probably be retaining water as well as it dehydrates you, so make you're you keep going with your fluid (non-alcoholic😉) intake. Don't be disheartened, you sound as if you know where you can improve so I'm sure you will have a loss next week 😊best of luck 🌸

  • Thanks Anna999. Yep just going to use exercise as a bonus especially after today's headline on obesity x

  • Yes I saw that too. I agree that weight loss is all about diet but exercise is very important for overall health and prevention of diseases. Healthy balance is my opinion! 🌸

  • Well done on maintaining at least it can be frustrating i stayed the same last week, but better than gaining and its the ultimate goal so good you can do it now if that makes sense. Hope week 8 is good for you

  • Thanks. You too fibronfedup x

  • Staying the same is not bad at all, especially if you have had more calories than you were supposed too! It means you're doing things right. I hope you have a good week 8!

  • You too HRHGaby x

  • Depending on how much you have to lose, or how close you are to target, your TDEE and BMR will reduce along the way, so you will need to reduce your calorie allowance every so often. But its quite normal for weight to plateau for a couple of weeks every so often. Slow and steady is best is the long run. It took me a year to reach my 30lb goal. You sound like you know what you're doing, so you'll get there too!

  • Hi Elliebath, I'm about 1 stone off a healthy bmi but I think I mainly just had too many calories with the night out and eating into my exercise cals. I get quite impatient with weight loss so trying to take things a step at a time. Good to hear you've done so well with your weight loss. Love hearing the success stories...really spurs you on x

  • Thank you. Believe me, if I could get to grips with it then most people should manage it! I'm 62 and gained 2 stone through my late forties and fifties , but had no self discipline at all , just ate anything I fancied , drank wine most nights, drove everywhere.

    Suddenly my blood pressure was high and I refused to wear a swimsuit etc hated social events cuz nothing fitted!

    A year ago I decided enough was enough and joined the myfitnesspall app , counted all my calories and started to waLk more. Slowly the weight dropped off, a pound here, half a pound there ..... now Im maintaining and am very hopeful i can keep it this way. Best of luck with your journey too.

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