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Four positives

Went for a Sunday motorcycle ride (pillion) with a group of friends, and husband of course.

Four positives :

1) our new motorcycle has normal suspension, and could take my weight. The previous one did not and we had to upgrade to stronger shock absorbers

2) my husband did not do a "mono" at any red lights as my new weight did not lower the back section.

3) My motorcycle Kevlar pants were too too big and did not fit. I had to wear my smaller jeans. Yeahhh

4) I was really comfortable and could bend at the waist.

So, you people out there, you are on a winner by following the NHS weight loss plan. We are on the way to a new normal lifestyle.

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That's great news!!!!! Well done x


That sounds like a fab day nhs2015!! It's great to hear that you are enjoying life and your weight loss journey is helping you do that! Thank you for sharing your positivity! Best wishes 🌸


Thank you Anna, we had a great day

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Hi Nhs2015,

That's brilliant - sounds like you had a great trip out, and so many positive changes. Really good.

Wishing you another great week.

Lowcal :-)


Thank you lowcal. I am looking forward to next week

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It's good to read such a positive post! Happy to hear you had a good time!


Thank you. I am so glad I could do it.


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