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Uni stress!

Hi guys!

I thought I would come on here and rant before I go the the food cupboard and eat! I have so much uni work to do for next week! I know this is the consequence of uni but this is where I normally eat badly as a kind of motivator to get work done!

I am determined not to do it this time though...

This week hasn't been great.. I really do need to stick to plan all week rather than just 5/6 days out of the week!

Went out with friends on Saturday and although I ate really well and was way under my allowance I think the amount of drink I consumed took me way over what I was meant to have.

Oh well sorry for the rant just felt like I needed to write things down!

Hope you are all having a good week :)

Amy x

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Don't do it! Go for a walk and get some chewing gum instead.


Have a lot of herbal teas around, different flavours, that could help you. Drinks can ruin your efforts, but I understand that it's not easy to change that. Good luck!


Im exactly the same, it so hard to keep on top of things while being a student. You have so much to think about and then it all gets too much.. The stresses hey! We can do this.. I have work due in next week too, and im stressing that i wont get it done and all I want to do is eat. It helps with the stress, well that is what I have lead myself to belive. You can do this Good Luck Amy X


Ahh same! I have work in next week too haha! We can do this :) x


Rant away! much better than eating foods you dont really want anyway, could you do something else to get the pent up stress out like punching a pillow, burns calories and gets the stress out, or a quick walk around the block to clear your head. I find if my head feels over full with what im doing and i start getting stressed its best if i walk away for 5 mins, i either read or have a fag (not recommending it just saying it how it is) or lift my weights if at home, helps clear the mind so you can start again with a fresh perspective. Hope it goes well


Totally understand you! i'm finishing uni next month and I have a dissertation to finish, 2 essays and 2 exams before then, and doing a lot of work makes me want to eat! I try to avoid it, but if needs be I make sure I have healthy food in and low calorie snacks so it doesn't affect me too much. One thing I do have is custard & rhubarb sweets, something I like, about 30 calories each, and lasts a while because it is a hard sweet, and that helps stop my cravings for going for higher calorie food that takes 2 seconds to eat. Good luck with your studies!! :-)


I feel your pain amy, I'm currently writing my dissertation which is due pretty soon, and I'm studying nursing so am also on full time placement. 😨Oh the stress!

When studying I always used to be munching on sweets/crisps, anything really! I'm only 4weeks into the plan but have been trying to a) drink a lot of water and b) if I feel like snacking get some grapes as they're quite picky so last longer than say am apple. Don't overdo it tho as they still contain sugar. Another thing that helps is to take a break from the computer! I have a ten min coffee break every 2hours and set an alarm on my phone to make sure I stop and regroup and if I need to, take a little walk around the lock to clear my head.

Hope this helps, try not to stress too much, just plod away at it and you'll get it done, you will get there! Good luck 🌸


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