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As expected!

Well allowed for extra day for weighing due to pigging out and although 2lb has gone from yesterday there is still not quite the other 2lb gone-so that is now stored fat not fluid!! Can only blame myself and that darn Easter egg that started the pig out but I don't want to go backwards and so off I go again determined to get into the next stone. Does anyone else have the same problem? it seems as soon as you get too near to the next stone something happens and the weight goes back up?

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Hi jenica, well done on your loss this week 4 lbs :-) is great. You must stay focused and plan every single day especially if you want to get past that next stone. Once you see the scale pass that point this will motivate you to keep going to that next half stone down and so on...now that Easter is over with and the temptations of a chocolate egg cease to exist you can get back on track. Good luck to you jenica


Unfortunately Trafford1 it was 4lb when I weighed yesterday but I allowed day cos of pigging out so at weighing today some fluid gone but 2lb fat stayed. Its so frustrating going backwards again from that next stone down and I know once through that barrier there are many more before I get to goal but I will keep persevering-I've got to get there!! wish it could be sooner rather than later though!.


There we go jenica sorry hun x


Not to worry Trafford1 I've only myself to blame but hopefully next week....


Hi there, 

I don't know if this will be the same for you but, on previous diets I would start to relax a bit when I was getting close to a goal. I had the mentality of "you've done well to get this close, of course you can have a wee treat". Then that wee treat would turn into a big treat and before I knew it I was further away from my target than I had been before I munched out lol!

If you can relate, then I think it might be a case of recognising when your starting to relax and try to regain focus - well that's my plan anyway lol!

Hope this helps :-) 


Wish I could say that was the reason Butterflye but unfortunately there is a long way to go to my healthy goal. I know what you mean about getting further away from target and it is so frustrating but hopefully if I work at it the next couple of weeks will see me into my next stone!!


The same here, it's very disappointing to see the numbers go up after behaving quite well, but the important thing is to keep making good healthy choices, xx


So agree HRHGaby- must keep going!


Hi Jenica,

Definitely just keep going, and put it behind you. The positive is that 2 pounds of that excess weight came off, and soon the other 2 pounds will also come off. Don't be too hard on yourself. Easter was challenging - it usually is - all those chocolate temptations, and all the advertising that goes with that. Even with a plan to cope, there are things that come up that are unexpected and scupper us sometimes. But hopefully, being aware that those things can happen makes us a bit more vigilant and we learn from it for next time. If things don't go to plan, we can learn from it and just try to keep making positive choices.

Keep positive and focused, and you'll get there in the end. Like HRHGaby said - keep making healthy choices whenever you can - it's altering our habits towards living a healthy lifestyle that will reap rewards.

Wishing you a good week ahead.

Lowcal :-)


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