Damn Easter egg!

Well up until today had resisted over indulgence with large Easter egg my son had bought and then tonight I ate it all plus the little choc filled ones too. Didn't enjoy it and feel ugh now, in one way its good to know its gone but its where it might be sitting as fat on my body now that annoys me. I have been so in control and have let myself down, again!!! I feel mean too as I had planned to give it to my grandchildren tomorrow when I look after them.


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28 Replies

  • So, what is it about chocolate? Why did you eat it? I'm not being holier that thou, I did the same on Sunday. Oops :(

  • Think this is the annoying thing cos as you said "what is it about chocolate"? don't know why I ate it, cos it was there, but then its been there since Sunday and I'd resisted. Just realised 4 days ago-OMG what an idiot!!

  • So pick yourself up and get back on the wagon. It's not the end of the world :)

  • already on it! think it was such a shock that so little could add up to so much

  • Hehehe (in the nicest way)

    Yup. :)

    Just been reading about someone - cant think who ? - who had a whole day's calories - 1600 - in one visit to Ed's Diner (being in the UK I can only guess what that is - McDonald's that didn't make it over the pond?)

    and there's this - which made me smile, again in the nicest way healthunlocked.com/nhsweigh...

  • Ed's diner is better than McD, great atmosphere, music and staff serve you at table and are really friendly and the food is good! it probably originated in USA and is now here in UK as it is based on US diner from the 50's.[ I think]

  • Easter is supposed to be a new start so move on from what you've done remembering the yuck feeling so you don't do it again next time, and forgive yourself sending hugs

  • thanks, choc overload, never again! [hopefully]

  • Oh hun, I know the feeling, except I lasted one day, not four lol! So don't beat yourself up over it, it's done now! Maybe do some extra exercise /walking tomorrow to 'pay it back' so to speak if you're feeling guilty?! I'm sure the grandchildren will keep you on your toes and give you a good workout! 🌸

  • its funny until 4 days was mentioned I hadn't thought of it that way, does make me feel little better but defo no more choc eggs-will have to tell my son well in advance next year, although I did tell him this year but he still got me one any way!

  • I think a lot of us had a bit of indulgence over easter, dont beat yourself over it too much, seeing how sick it made you feel is probably a good thing as it shows you your body is enjoying the healthier food and you will likely remember that feeling when next tempted. You lasted 4 days, how long would it of lasted 6 months ago? Probably a lot less if your anything like me. Keep going on your healthy eating and you will be fine :-)

  • thanks, a new day!! will have to work my butt off next few days to have weight loss on Monday though. Will be so disappointed if no loss after one lapsed.

  • Been there, done that. And guess what: I am over it. Really over it, because I had also indulged over Easter, but following advices and motivation from this group, I just picked myself up and carried on. So don't panic. Today will be better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today, so you are on a roll.

  • Its true reading all the comments does make me feel a lot better although felt sick this morning after all the choc. Today is a new day, thanks nhs2015.

  • Good on you for lasting four days!

  • thats a good way of thinking LOL. Feel sick this morning-choc overload!

  • It can be very difficult to resist junk food that you have in your house. You ate it because it was there, that is a very powerful temptation to avoid. I think it's best not to have junk in the food house because once it's there it's very easy to reach for it and once you've got the taste you'll want more.

  • I'm sorry I didn't give the box to my grandchildren when they left on sunday especially as my son had left before them, but then in hindsight.

  • So agree, if its there you are tempted. I don't buy junk food ever!

  • Thanks everyone for your support, feel motivated again to keep going. It was a choc blip that I definitely won't be repeating!!

  • How big was the egg? Draw a picture of it with OMG and next time you feel like indulging you'll look at it and remember how you felt yesterday. Always think before indulging "Is it really worth it?". I'm sure you won't ever do it again!

  • hopefully won't! have always said I don't won't Easter egg but son bought one this year.

  • It's life, we've all been there, it's ok. At least you are going to do something about it, move more, continue your diet....a few weeks ago it would have meant overeating and putting more weight on, ... little by little you'll learn to say no to yourself!

  • Hi I've just scoffed Easter egg .Feeling guilty but still want to go on eating!. Some how have to stop myself going to kitchen .How pityful is that.!!!!!

  • Don't eat any more of them! Give them away, make your family eat them or if necessary, throw them to the bin. As long as you have them around you'll want to eat them!

  • All gone now! one that was for my hubby I gave to grandchildren yesterday. Back on focus today!

  • know what you mean-its like a magnet no matter where you try and "hide" them!

  • So true, todays another day.

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