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Looking for support!

Hi :) I'm 21 and 5ft1. Started in January at 12 stone 8!! Weighed in yesterday at 11stone5 :) happy but can feel motivation lagging, especially now it's Easter. Need to lose another 1stone and 1/2. Want to do this by June!

I can't seem to stop thinking about chocolate! My boyfriend snacks an awful lot and my family have lots of food in the house!Help! Xx

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Well done! You've done terrifically well for your first few weeks/months. However, I think, judging by your weight loss so far that you are setting yourself up for failure if you think you can healthily lose another 1.5 stones in just another two months. I think you need to aim for about another 7-9 lbs loss in that time frame. It's not just about weight loss but about introducing and maintaining healthy eating habits to last a lifetime. Good luck!!

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Hello Lotpot21,

Wow, you're doing well. You might like something I posted recently called Three Observations, it's things that are helping me.

This Easter weekend perhaps you could sit your family down and say "I need your help for success".

You could ask for less stockpiling of high calorie treats and drinks, and offer to walk daily to get what people ask for.

You can offer to buy muesli, brown rice, bread and pasta for everyone (most of it's nicer), you can participate more in shopping generally so your food needs are represented in the supermarket trolley. A lot of the lower calorie cheeses and vinaigrettes are really nice, your family will probably enjoy trying out new things too. I think if you can get enthusiastic about a different range of foods they'll really benefit from some variety.

I don't know if you're able to exercise much, but I did hear a really good tip about never using wheels for a journey of less than a mile, which seems sensible. Can you bike or scooter or rollerskate? You're the perfect age to look really cool doing that stuff. You might like using a pedometer if you don't yet have one, I find I get quite a kick seeing how many steps I've done.

I so hope you continue to do well. Best of luck.


Welcome Lotpot! I think you are great for losing so much weight already this year but don't expect too much of yourself so soon. This is a lifestyle and lifelong change for us all. Chocolate seems to trigger off a binge for me so I now avoid it is solid form. There are low calorie chocolate mousses out there which are less then 100 calories a pot and give you a nice chocolate fix. Aldi sell some chocolate covered ice cream lollies (like Magnums) which are 170 calories as they are mini ones but they taste as if they should be twice the calories. Good luck!


Try eating some natural fat, which will take the urge away without having sugar.


Hi lotpot, massive congratulations on your weight loss so far, that's fantastic! It isn't easy, but you have already got this far, try and think back to how you felt in January, I bet it wasn't as good as you feel now, over a stone gone, would you want to go back? ! What you have been doing is obviously working, you are losing weight at a healthy rate. In my opinion setting goals that will be unachievable is setting yourself up to fail, and then you really will lose motivation, about 2lb a week is healthy, I counted the weeks till my bday in August and calculated what 2lb a week would be and made that my goal.

That's not to say deny yourself everything, moderation is key, just don't over do it and include it in your calorie allowance!

Best of luck 🌸


It sounds to me as if the 5:2 Diet would suit you really well. It's just two non-consecutive very low calorie days and the rest of the week you can eat normally - rather than having to watch what you eat every day of the week. It really does work and it's extremely good for your health. This little video explains it very well. I lost three stone in six months and have kept it off since April 2013.


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