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I found this video today (although it's a couple of years old now) via Diet Doctor. It's 30 minutes long and it's well worth watching especially if you are at a point where you are starting to feel you are metabolically poorly. A metabolic derived illnesses or syndrome would be things such as High Blood Pressure, T2 Diabetes, Obesity for those that don't know.

Dr Mary Vernon is being interviewed in the video, she is a Family Doctor in the US, so essentially a GP and she discovered a number of years ago that she was able to alleviate a lot of the symptoms and in many cases actually reverse or cure her patients who have metabolic syndrome by prescribing a carbohydrate restricted diet.

I know there are lots of videos currently doing the rounds on both the internet and the TV, this one is interesting IMHO because she has away of explaining the issues that everyone should be able to understand and therefor I feel it's worth sparing 30 minutes to watch. It's probably not aimed at everyone, as not everyone is at the stage where there health is affected to this degree (yet) and I am not interested in getting into a debate with anyone on the Pros and Cons of restricting certain food groups, I am simply sharing the information with the hope that it may help some of you. :)

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Thanks for that OlsBean; time flies.

Trierisme1st 7lbs

Thanks for posting, some very interesting information on the video.

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