Blew it!

So stupid tonight!! had been feeling great this morning after workout/meeting my friend but then this afternoon after stress with gas/radiator etc I was so fed up and stuffed my face with too many calories, just junk. Thought of going to go onto this page with hope someone would have been there right away for me ?? but wasn't sure and just blew it. I have wrote all the junk I ate on MFP app just now and am annoyed that I was so over my allowance, fortunately had cardio workout this morning for hour and stretch class for 45mins but I really don't know if I can trust the calories that are advised on pages for exercise on internet. Suggested cal count did help bring the calories down but still not sure if it really will balance out, still over daily allowance though. Wish I was one of these people who doesn't turn to food when feeling peeved or angry!

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  • Try not to worry, these things happen. The important thing is that you move on from it. Don't let one thing like this make you feel like it's not worth carrying on because it is!

    We all have up and down days, you're definitely not alone in that. Maybe next time you feel like you want to eat in the same way you should remind yourself to read this post and remember how doing that made you feel.

    And it's great that you've still logged it all! I have a tendency to pretend to myself and just not bother logging it if I know I have eaten stuff that is really bad, but I think logging it is really important so that I can see exactly what it is I'm doing!

  • Thanks bwbachod for responding so quickly, I wish now I'd have come onto this page cos I might have been saved before I blew it if everyone is as good at response as you. I'll be honest I nearly didn't write everything down in MFP but I think if I hadn't then maybe I would have given up everything I've achieved over past week or so, if that makes sense? I've got so much weight to lose and have been motivated I don't want one pig out to ruin everything!

  • It sounds like you really are motivated, and the fact that you've posted on here backs that up as well, so try not to let this get to you too much.

    One pig out definitely isn't going to ruin everything I promise!

    And yeah, I really recommend using this site as support, I've found everyone here to be so friendly and supportive, and actually, even if nobody replies for a while, perhaps even the act of writing down how you're feeling will help.

    The great thing about this is that we are all on a journey, even as I'm writing this to you I'm learning about myself as well!

  • think you are right, just writing on this page seems to bring an understanding of why.

  • Absolutely right. It's happened. It's in the past. Just get back on the wagon and good luck :)

    You seem to be an emotional eater but I cant remember what the strategies are for that. Sorry.

  • Agree, think I am an emotional eater but need to try and take control. Thanks

  • thanks bigleg, will check out video.

  • Hi, little by little you need to change your comfort food for healthier choices, maybe you'll overeat some days, it happens to us all, but you should have something nutritious rather than junk. Good luck!

  • It was over in about 30mins and I didn't even enjoy, think comfort and satisfaction probably come from the knowledge of when you are in control and staying within allowance.

  • We all have bad days hun, and remember it is how you have coped for years, you cant re-train your brain overnight, you have done plenty of exercise today and you calculated it into your app. Dont let one bad day ruin all the hard work you have done uptil now. We all understand here, learn from the triggers today and try to stop it from happening again. Get back on track hun, you can do this :)

  • makes sense fibronfed that you can't retrain your brain overnight and in all honestly it has been quite a few years since I was a good weight.

  • You can do this. Just take it one day at a time :-)

  • The last time it happened to me I was really annoyed with myself. Could have screamed! It happens to all of us and if you think you are going to binge then get out of the house for a little walk. Pick yourself and have a good day tomorrow.

  • eeek1110 I was thinking of going out so don't know why I didn't!

  • You can stress over it or accept it and carry on. Carry on losing weight that is. One days overeating is not the end of the world so long as it is just one day. Put your energy into losing weight now and forget about yesterday. If you don't lose this week you know why and you can remember what it feels like for next time you are tempted to overeat.

  • thanks

  • Thanks everyone-such great encouraging messages. Tomorrow's a new day and if my mind wanders off the ball I'll get straight on here and hopefully overcome urge to be stupid overeating.

  • Don't stress about it. Forget about it. Just go on from here. As the weeks go by, NHS will guide you how to deal with any issues. You will be ok. Beware of fancy diets. They work for a while but then you put it all back and more. Been there done that. You are right to listen to NHS. They guide and motivate you to have good healthy eating habits. You don't have to rush about it, take you time and you will get there.

  • And you can do it because you are now in control.

  • Thanks, reading all these messages makes me feel so supported and I will try and stay in control 24/7. Thanks

  • Ha, I had a similar day this week when my central heating malfunctioned and the house was I ate chocolate !! But well done for logging on MFP ... "warts and all ".

    I use MFP and have done so for nearly a year. During that time Ive lost my excess 2 stone / 28 lbs, slowly but surely, by calorie counting and walking more. I now have a BMI of 23 and am maitaining my weight but I still log on MFP daily.

    One tip. On MFP where you can create your own Diary categories eg breakfast, lunch etc, or 'morning, evening' however you prefer to record it.

    I have added a category called ' Yesterdays Excess ' so if ive gone way over on one day, I log those excess calories the following day , which helps me eat less the next day. Sometimes I just carry over some not all, but it all helps me to stick close to the required average for the week.

    Good luck. Just soldier on and you'll get there too .

  • Thats brilliant, slow but sure and you're keeping it off. I went through a time of pigging out on chocolate, love Aldi's white coconut chocolate and shamefully I must admit I'd eat the in one go, fortunately I seem to be controlling that now. Very impressed that you carry your excess over to next day, don't think I can do that, you have good control. Enjoy Easter.

  • Believe me, I dont have great control, and its taken me years to get to this point . I gained my excess weight over many years (20+ years) so losing it over 12months was ok with me.

    I eat 1300 cals a day to lose weight and 1500-1600 to maintain weight. Above that and I gain 😕

    Tonight Im having a whole pizza and several glasses of wine.

    It can be done!!!

    good luckX

  • know what you mean about many years putting weight on, when I look how slim I was about 20 years ago it is so frustrating!. How much have you lost over past 12mths, are you at goal now? Well done for staying motivated and knowing you can eat/drink and stay focused too.

  • Well, until my forties I used to keep between 9.5 - 10 st.

    But I slowly gained 2 stone over twenty years , until last year I realised I was 11st 12lbs. I am age 62 and 5ft 5in now weighing 9st 12 with a BMI of 23. I am at healthy size now and feel good - not as well toned as a thirty-something but in good shape when clothed!

    I do find it is so easy to gain weight as you get older.Not through overeating necessarily, but metabolism slows down, so the only way to keep ones figure is to eat less and move more. ...for life. Thats my intention so lets see if I can stick to it. Lol.

    Good luck with your progress. I had many ups and downs to get to goal, dont let the odd blip put you off. 😊

  • Well done, great weight/Bmi now.

  • I think you can see how much like everyone else you are by having 20 replies so soon. Keep going, it is always hard for emotional eaters like us, but in the end it works, just takes longer than for some other, and enjoy it anyway

  • Gosh , have I really had that many replies? I've not counted just read. That makes me feel so humble and realise just how much support there is on these pages whether its a good or bad day. Defo will try harder especially over Easter. Thank you.

  • Today is a new day keep strong we all have days like this

  • Thanks, nearly had blip but ok now. have good Easter.

  • don't be to hard on your self we are all human. When I have a bad day I always try to head into the new day with Motivation .

    I have a deep rooted love of food so some days can be harder than others but push through, we are all in this together!

  • thanks, lets hope we don't spoil Easter by over indulgence.

  • Don't be too hard on yourself, these things do happen, you can only learn from them! It's a new day today, I'm sure one slip up wouldn't have screwed up all the hard work you've put in already!

    My weakness it seems is a Starbucks latte... I had one last week and have, again given in today😕 but hey ho, if I can stick with one a week it's not going to affect much, it's a skinny and no sugar.

    Anyways, good luck with getting back on track, forget it and move on 😊🌸

  • thanks, nearly gave in again before with choc/vanilla ice-cream but stopped and added it to my diary count and am now feeling in control again. Enjoy Easter.

  • I'm glad you are feeling more in control. I found this evening hard, my blood sugar was crashing on the way home from work after a super stressful day, I was staring longingly at every fish and chip shop I drove past haha and when I got in I just wanted to stuff everything I saw into my face. I stuck to my planned meal but think I'm just going to go to bed now, I don't trust myself! Lol!! You are not alone in the tough times! Happy easter to you too 🌸

  • Hi Jenica, Just read you post and empathise totally, a moment of madness and then beat yourself up! A friend once told me when you have one of those moments it's like driving along a road and taking a wrong turn, just pull over, reset the SatNav and continue on your journey. I try to think of that advice, it's no good crying over split milk, onwards and upwards. Sounds like you do a lot of exercise and I'm sure that helps with your weight loss. Have a nice holiday weekend.

  • Good advice, thanks. Hopefully good w/e for use all.

  • Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to support me when I blew it and felt really bad but reading all your comments has made me strong again. Have a healthy happy Easter everyone!

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