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Another pound hits the dust


Thanks so much for all the replies guys, and the positive feedback. Lost a pound yesterday and feels great to be breaking into the 18st range. Going to have a treat tonight to celebrate. I don't eat bread anymore so instead of egg sandwiches (which I love), I am going to have a couple of eggs mashed up with some Hellmans light mayo and a couple of crackerbreads to dip in. Yum! If you like crackerbread bye the way, Aldi do a much better version of it and you get double the amount for half the price, AND its lower in calories. Anyway, just got back from the supermarket and had a quick slimfast for lunch, I love slimfast, not as a diet food but for all the multivitamins it has in it. And it tastes great, I love the mocha ad chocolate.

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Thanks for the advice and congrats on your loss! Have a good week!

Fantastic! Well done you! 🌺

Well done ellandrhia, it's magical to move into the next st. down! Enjoy your treat!

Well done on your loss, every lb lost is a step closer to your goal :-) ooh that sounds yummy may have to try it sometime. Have a good week

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