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the tape measure and scales don't lie part 2

So little by little small changes ....am seeing small changes on the scales, but bigger changes noticed with the tape measure.

Still unsure how that works, but it seems to.

The other really weird thing is remembering that this is calorie counting etc that fruit has calories, having previously tried a more commercial diet fruit was free food and maybe I need to look at that as well.

Still looking at trying to make this work. Have to remember to keep drinking the water....

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Drink the water girl ... think of the excersize , when u get up in the night . Lol . Keep up the good work . I lost 10lb in 2 weeks think that's bad was in hospital a week . And lifting myself up and down stairs and hopping is obviously taking its toll . Have a full cast on this Thurs , so weigh in s can wait .think I need to build my strength up . Keep on at it tho .....


lol god the bladder is not sure what has happened. Gone from being someone who hardly visits the little room during the day very frequently to almost needing my work desk in the loo lol

Hope your week is going well


Drinking lots of water is easy in summer, but I personally find it difficult in the cooler months. I try to stop drinking by 6pm as I don't like getting up at night.


additional water intake and the menopause makes great night time fun lol





Yes small changes.....is the key,this is a long game!!!!

1/2 of walking everyday and moderation with food ( mon to Friday I'm strict) 1,200 cals.....& water (8) pints if I can,

Fri/sat/ relax a bit ( I like the vino) the back on it Sunday!!! 😉 it's not easy as you get older,but keep on trucking......


That quite a good idea. Yup I am rather partial to the chilled white, but have banned it all in my bid to try and loose the lard. Have become rather partial to peach sugar free squash lol


It sounds like you have lost body fat but gained muscle which is generally not reflected on the scales. Muscle takes up less space than fat, that's more noticeable when using a tape measure to check progress.

Therefore, using scales isn't the best indicator of fat loss.


Hi Maybe I hadn't really thought of it that way. will be interesting to see how it goes over the next couple of weeks

Hope alls going well for you


Thanks everyone weigh day again tomorrow scary stuff


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