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Hi everyone. Just wondering how some of you reward yourselves and what goals you set. I have lots of mini goals such as half a stone at a time and also a fitness goal to walk 4 miles around a local beauty spot, but not really thought about how I should reward myself - other than of course being lighter and healthier. My first major weightloss target is to get back to the weight I was in 2000 but not sure I deserve a reward for that. As I am walking more I have bought some new shoes to do this (always makes me happy to buy shoes) but nothing else on my wish list. I have a friend who has lost 5 stone and rewarded herself with a Pandora charm (a good reminder of her achievement too) and she is planning to do a skydive when she loses another 1 -2 stone.


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  • Hey i have my ultimate goal to lose 130lbs and im going to reward myself to a new wardrobe and a photo shoot. But thats a long way off i have weekly goals and bi-monthly goals. Weekly goals to stay active and stick to my calories these i reward with small things like new craft stuff, a new top or even something simple like a face mask to relax. My bi monthly goals i set myself 1 st to lose so far im ahead of my goals which is great. This i reward with new jewellery, hair accessories, clothes, silky nightie or trainers etc.. basically when i reach a goal i treat myself to something, new clothes has been a big motivator for me as my sizes have dropped so much im finally able to enjoy shopping. Reward yourself with something that makes you happy, as losing weight is hard work so you deserve a reward :-)

  • Hi, great to see the way you motivate yourself. I have a lot to lose too so if I am successful I think I will deserve a treat or 2! A photo shoot sounds fun, would love to recreate my wedding day a big chunk slimmer - maybe I will think more about this:)

  • Why not? After all we go through we deserve it. I had one done 4 years ago but was big in it even though i love the photos

  • I don't do rewards, I think it is very rewarding to fit in your older clothes and to feel better. But everybody's different, :)

  • I've never tried rewards before but some of the rewards that fibronfedup mentioned sound appealing.

  • I'm trying something that I read about ages ago where you put a pound coin in a jar for every pound that you lose. It's a really good visual aid to see how much you've lost and then at the end of it you can spend it on something you'll enjoy! I'm aiming to lose a total of 40-50 pounds so at the end I'll probably spend it on a new going-out dress :) I have 18 pounds in my jar so far :)

  • Hi Rachel - funny you should mention the pound in a jar idea as I was only thinking about that after I wrote the post. I will sort out this weekend and already have £10 to put in it:) I have well over 100 lb to lose so will need a big jar. Well done on your loss so far, you are well on the way in your journey:)

  • Thanks for all your replies. I have now come up with something to save for - a leather jacket. Nice to have another thing to motivate me. I have my clear money box which now has £15 (lb) in it. When I finally get there it should help me keep motivated because if I put on weight it will get too small:)

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