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First week - going great!!

got to the end of my first week and feel really good - lost 4lbs!! I'm happy with that as I don'y get to do much exercise!! Will be getting a pedometer and trying to increase my steps each day and I will be getting my bike out of the shed so I can cycle a couple of times a week too!!

For anyone who wants to support my charity cause, the address for my just giving page is:


I hope you don't mind me being a bit cheeky :-)

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Well done on your excellent loss. Keep up the good work


Well done 👏👏👏here's to another good week!


Great news well done you. 😃


Well done! Me too I have been doing this for a week and have lost 3 lbs, feeling much less bloated its great.


Thank you all!! I have found that drinking about 3litres of water each day helps to stop me from even feeling hungry, as well as helping me to lose the weight and the bloated feelings 😊

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Brilliant result. Well done!


Well done. Keep positive 😀


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