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Concerned and a bit frightened that I'm not going to succeed.


I brought myself two pairs of size 14 jeans as I had split my last pair and I couldn't get them on. Looked at going back to the usual diet clubs but I can't keep to them and I can't afford to go. Decided to join the NHS weight loss but am so worried that I am not going to be able to lose the weight. Any advice please. I would be very grateful for support and understanding. I have to start now.

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I found it hard to start...then im worried when do you what weight ideal...for nearly at my bmi goal !! but im I suppose to be at the lower, middle or higher end of the on the 12 week diet...hope you have a good week...we need to stay strong...

Congratulations. You've made the decision to start. The one thing a diet club does for you is to give you accountability, to others, for what you eat and drink each day, but you can be equally accountable to yourself. Take responsibility for one day at a time. If you follow the programme, you can, and will, lose weight and, if you feel yourself wavering, there are plenty of lovely people in this forum who'll give you a metaphorical kick up the ass when you need it. Good luck!

OF COURSE YOU A GOING TO SUCEED!!!!!!!!!! No matter if we fall, we will raise up and start again, and again, and again....until we win...that is the spirit!!!

Believe in yourself! We all have these doubts when we start, but it is possible. It can be hard but so very rewarding, dont think of it as a diet think of it as a healthy lifestyle change, you deserve to be happy in your own skin. Set yourself a plan i.e. eat 1400cals per day and stick to it. Yes you will have good and bad days but keep aiming towards your goal and you will get there :-) welcome to the group been an absolute godsend for me

nhs2015 in reply to fibronfedup

Actually "fibronfedup" I also do not see it as a diet. I call it a program. I am on a program which teaches me to eat healthy, get fit and lose weight in the process.

mum1955 in reply to nhs2015

I agree with you 100%. The plan is there to guide us in making the right choices

fibronfedup in reply to nhs2015

Completely agree

thank you. I am determined. I need to get in to the habit of checking the calories and portion size. thanks for your support

Give it a go, you will be pleasantly surprised. Set yourself small goals and you will not fail.

You may falter, .........but you won't fail! Good luck!

Hi, I have been on this plan for only a few days and I am enjoying the support forum and therefore the plan. There is only one person who can actual make you lose weight and that is yourself. So why not join this group, we help each other to keep motivated. If you find a diet club you feel comfortable with you can always go along to that as well.


That sounds like me last year. I was suddenly needing size 16s and I was miserable. Did nothing for a while, just wore baggy stuff and did not weigh myself. (my old scales had broken few years ago) . Then in April I just decided I had to do something l bought new scales and shock, horror I was a stone heavier than I thought, altogether 2st overweight!!

I found myfitnesspal online, started using the app to record my food etc, started to walk more, and slowly, steadily have lost that 2stone . I am now at target weight BMI 23, and Im nearly 63 but feel 43 ( er, well some days I do!)

Good CAN do this , honestly!

Well, I've written everything down for today and feel really pleased with myself. Checked calories and have kept within my allowance. Said no to biscuits when they were offered and just feel really pleased.

I'm sorry that you are having such trouble with losing weight. I can understand how you feel to some degree. I was overweight in my teens, and needed to lose weight for my wedding [ this was a good number of years ago] but was eventually given a small booklet by mt GP [in desparation i think] it turned out to be the much maligned 'Atkins' diet. however despite what other people had said about it. i had no trouble, and lost 2 stones in 3 months. It is an eating plan really, and when looed at properly, it is just making sure that you eat less of the carbohydrates, than anything else. it is not too difficult to stick too, you do not have to eat just meat/eggs/fish/cheese as mooted in the press all those years ago, but it does allow you to eat quite a few of the rhing that you like, without quite so much guilt. I use the diet as an eating plan, as there are somethings which are absolutely stuffed with carbohydrate [which i mostly avoid] but i do eat a healthy diet [ well at least i think i do] I prepare all my own food [no bought ready made]

I have a medium size bowl of porridge for breakfast, for lunch i probably have either a yoghurt or a dish of stir fried vegetable [whatever veg is in season, i cook a huge dish/panful, devide it into portions, so there is always a meal ready in the evenings], Evening meal, i cook for my husband, [who never needs to diet] but whatever meat, fish, cheese he is having for his main course, i have a portion of that with my stir fried veg. Yes i know i am cooking 2 meals, but if for exmple if he has R. Chicken/Beef, R/mashed potatoe,s, yorkshire pudding etc, then i have the meat, + the stir fry. if i have lost anything, then i allow myself a small treat. Yes its not easy losing weight, but who said life was easy. I am disabled, [ I have MS, Osteoporosis, Hypothyroidism and Arthritis ] so being thinner/less weight on the joints is good for me. I have never regained those original 2 stones, but have kept on steadily losing over the years [ there have been a few hiccups along the way, but the main thing is to realise why you put a bit back on, and try to rectify the problem. This may have been helpful, maybe not, but good luck, and do not give up , pollyanna

Hi 46my, I am also a reluctant purchaser of size 14-16 clothes, with some 10s and 12s in the wardrobe still, that I'm desperate to fit back into. Yesterday my size 14 leggings split on the inside thigh - one of those splits that just keeps splitting. All I had to patch it up with was a stapler, which was quite effective actually! You've got to laugh really - when I was a size 10-12 I remember I was wearing a size 8 shirt one day and it split down the back at work when I bent down to pick up a box. Seems I have a history of disagreeing with the sizes on the labels inside clothes, rather than just enjoying who I am. Size 14 isn't a bad point to be starting a diet from though - a lot of people on here are aiming for that as their end goal. If like me you find size 14 unbearable though, then just aim for 12 for now. That should mean losing about a stone, which is manageable, and can be done steadily over 2-3 months (this is what I'm trying to do). It might even be more manageable to visualise losing just 7lb to begin with - so those 14s aren't so tight anymore. Wishing you lots of luck, perseverance and cheer, Ruth :)

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