Am I teaching my granny how to suck eggs here ? Probably !

Afternoon everyone ..... To check my fruit and veg portions I weigh them....... a 'portion' according to health sites is 80 grams , so for example if my peeled oranges weigh 160 germs that's two portions ...... I then add them up at the end of the day and note it down. I prefer to do it over a weekly basis because some days I might only have say 2 portions of fruit or veg, on another day I may have 10 ...... some days Im more than happy to munch lots of f & v, on other days I don't fancy them much, doing it over a weekly basis gives you the flexibility, not sure if the health bods would agree with this but I'm doing what works for me.

Hope everyone is ok or okayish ?


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13 Replies

  • I'm no health guru (or your granny) but can't see any problem with eating 2 of your 5 one day and 8 the next. It all balances out.

    What I'd really like to know is how to suck an egg white and leave the yolk in the shell ... ;)

  • Hehehe. Actually I think 5 ish every day is better balanced. Anything over 5 wont do anything, we need constant topping up.

    Saying that I think it's Japan who say 12 a day :O

    If I had 2 oranges I'd be on the loo all day :( and there's not much bulk in them.

    Answers to the last question on a postcard . . .

  • Hi, you are probably right, but only being on the plan for 2 weeks there are some days when I rebel against eating f & v , or 5 portions........, I've thought about this and I feel that while yes it would be better balanced out I feel for me cutting myself some slack is a good idea as I've had a major change in diet, gone from being a pig ( oinkety oink 😜 ) to eating sensibly I don't want to put too much pressure on for fear of jeopardising my plan..... hopefully I'll balance myself out as I get used to the plan and eating healthier 😀 Funnily enough I can eat loads of oranges, dessert may sometimes be 4 !!!!!! I do wee a lot though 😃

  • Early days then, Good luck :)

  • Thank you, luck & the lure of 'feeling' I'm doing something for the sake of my health 😊

  • Oh my friend, you obviously haven't tried it with a cadburys CREAM egg....... I'm still trying to perfect it ........ I'll be getting thru an awful lot in my quest, here's me being a little sweetie and doing all the hard work for you 😜 life can be awful tedious !!!!!

  • There is a YouTube movie about inside out boiled eggs which looks quite entertaining. I've decided against trying it until we have some decent weather so I can spin them outdoors ...

  • My research is whether you put cream or jam first on a cream tea. Still haven't found the answer. Must keep trying. It's hard but someone has to do it :P

  • Oooh you naughty thing😄. I'm not a cream lover unless I tart it up with alcohol..... Buuuuut clotted cream on scones yum yum yum .... personally I'm a jam first girl 😄

  • The answer is, really, quite simple.

    *) If you're Cornish the jam is first, then the clotted cream. If you're not from Cornwall you'll never know how to make and serve a cream tea properly.

    *) If you're Devonian the clotted cream is first, then the jam. If you're not from Devon you'll never know how to make and serve a cream tea properly.

    *) If you're from anywhere else, who cares? Enjoy. :)

    Mrs FbGb is Cornish, but hates clotted cream so never eats cream teas.

    I'm not Cornish or Devonian and prefer the Devonian way. It's easier to spread the comparatively thin jam on top of the thicker clotted cream than the comparatively thick clotted cream on top of the thinner jam. I'll never know the truth, though.

    Damn. Now I want to go and test my answer. I'll have to buy (and eat) TWO cream teas ... :)

  • Don't tell me things like that. I'll have to stop my research. But not before I've tested your theory as well. :)

  • just make a hole at each end and suck

  • Just watched it, completely bizarre ! I'm gonna try this !

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