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Need advice on exercise

Hi everyone! I need a bit of advice...My first week of eating healthy has now gone, and I'm please to say I have enjoyed it and found it fairly OK to do. The next step is now to implement my exercise regime. Can anyone give me some advice on where I start? I know 150 mins is whats recommended but how do I break that up...do I start of baby steps, like do I start of with maybe 15 mins skipping and 15 mins running and build it up gradually?? and what about strength training? How do I incorporate that into my 150 mins.

Any advice would be a huge help, because I'm unsure where to really begin with this - Thanks :)

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I found starting small and increasing as i felt capable worked for me, i started doing step ups in the evenings while watching tv for 10-20mins 3/4 days a week. Then i added weights on top. I also started walking into town instead of busing, and lots of walking around the shops as didnt feel like exercise but kept me moving. I now have a cross trainer i use between 10-20mins 5 days a week and my weights that i do 3x15 reps of 4 different lifts (hammer curl, bicep curl, tricep curl and standing dead lift) also try to go on walks on my days off even if just to and around town. I have a garmin vivofit fitness tracker that tracks my steps each day so i try to meet the daily goal set via the app. Its all about finding what works for you really. Good luck hope it goes as well as the first stage went for you

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Hi, the current guidance is 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity and two sessions a week of strength training. But anything is better than nothing.

If you have any notions of running at all, then a brilliant place to start is the NHS C25K podcasts which will give you a framework to build up your stamina and get a sustainable activity habit (as well as providing shedloads of empowerment) You can also do the NHS Strength and Flexibility podcast programme. There's a plan on the NHS choices website for combining the two. Those two together are probably plenty to get you started. I've done both and can heartily recommend them

My own fitness plan is to meet those guidelines which I do with gentle runs, swim and walking, with the strength aspect a daily 5-10 minute yoga session first thing and a longer online class at some point during the week.

If you are following the NHS weight loss plan I think there are links to the two programmes and lots of other suggestions for increasing activity levels. One tip is not to get hung up on how many calories are burned, just do it!

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If you are not very exercisy, start gently. 150min can also mean 20 min walk every day, or 30 min walk 5 days a week. It can also be accomplished in 10-min chunks. The NHS plan is again more about getting into the habit of doing exercise than about performance (my interpretation).

I am not very exercisy (good intentions, but always something more important to do), and found that a really good place for me to start was the Couch to 5K, which I absolutely love. I signed up for gym (just before starting the NHS plan), and do my strength in the gym - which consists of some beginner plan I picked up in the gym and which has a total of 3 exercises, all taking about 5 minutes. :D Not much, but at the moment I am happy to haul my bum to gym 3 times a week to do that. (Hoping to progress eventually to something more worth the membership, obviously).

Also, the NHS plan says you can achieve the weekly amount in combining some very small activities - eg getting off the bus a stop early and walking home may give you 10 min. Do 3 such little things a day, and you have your activity.

Walking is an excellent activity (which also gives some fresh air) - no equipment, no set hours, no fancy clothes, little chance of injury, no age limit, and does the job marvelously.

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