I've done it!

I've done it!

A whole day & night without feasting ! As rik said, I do feel overly pleased! ?

By the way is anyone familiar with a book by Claire Gilbert & Jeremy Gilbert grace ? If not, can I suggest you buy or borrow a copy...... It's called overcoming weight problems and I wish I had it years ago, im afraid anyone looking for a quick fix for weight loss & keeping it off is very sadly off mark...... The truth is & always has been and always will be amen, is there is no quick fix......it really is that old boring statement of portion control, moderation a little activity thrown in......I would also add being 'aware' of our eating but absolutely not in a heavy way.... It's a tricky line to walk ha but it can be done, lightly lightly.... not obsessed ! Oh dear off on my hobby horse again !? anyway the book has repaid me many times over, nothing fancy, absolutely no diets ! Give it a go !

Can I just say big thank yous for your supportive & encouraging comments , I dont 'know' any of you but your comments, especially last night , my first night, really did support me ! ?


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8 Replies

  • I haven't got the book, but what you've described seems to agree with the approach I'm using. Small changes, gradual improvements in weight and overall health, acceptance that it's a lifestyle change to correct what we drifted into (possibly years ago). No quick fixes.

    I might look for the book on Kindle to see if it reinforces my approach and strengthens my resolve to 'get it right'.

  • hi, I think it will....... you'll be pleasantly surprised, its very well written too.... no gimmicks or tricks ! theres lots of common sense, support, and information of why we do what we do, or dont ! and how to equip ourselves better to cope with the challenges losing weight and keeping it off presents us with..... bestest smiliest wishes

  • BTW everyone - I am so embarassed by the size of the picture i uploaded !!! its so, well..................... bloody huge !!!!!

    does my face look fat in this lol !!!!!!!!

  • lol, just wanted to post and say it'a really lovely picture :) Honestly. You have a very lovely warm smile that goes all the way to your eyes. Really nice!

  • Thank you very much ! Xxx

  • We knew you could do it! Hooray!! :)

  • Thank you, I am pleased ........ D'you know what tipped the balance ? ( it was a close thing ) a post on here telling me I could do it ? support and encouragement does work doesn't it, even if we don't always get it right (. and who does !) the support and understanding helps us get back in the saddle again..... Thanks again xxxx

  • It helps me loads. The first post i put on here was when I was trying to drag myself to the gym (another close thing) and was terrified. It's the thought that everyone is behind you, and when you do post something you're proud of, everyone is with you and there to congratulate you. I love that. It's also really helpful if you're boring everyone you know with the finer details of everything you've eaten/exercise/inches/pounds etc etc. At least you know people on here will cheer for every little thing you accomplish.

    good luck and keep at it :) xx

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