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Cravings- ideas for fast, less addictive food swops

Pizza swop- gluten free tortilla, garlic puree, tomato puree, grated cheese, dried oregano, oven for few mins

Chocolate digestives- chocolate rice cakes/ nutella on rice cake

Pancakes- mash ripe banana, beaten egg create drop pancakes with dash of maple syrup

Full fat crisps- baked crisps

Smoked salmon pinwheels- smoked salmon with very low fat philadelphia or a smudge of low fat garlic soft cheese

Mashed avocado on oatcakes, dash of salt/ chilli/ lime

These are my long term snack swops so I can go beyond 12 weeks,,,,

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Biscuits - home made meringue biscuits. Great for a sweet tooth and low in cals. Dont eat too many tho as high in sugar i usually have about 20g of biscuits comes to about 100-120cals


Hi-glycaemic, low fat, processed options playing havoc with your IGF-1/glucagon balance may explain tiredness.


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