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Eating habits change tomorrow

Just got on scales and can't believe how heavy I am. I'm emotional overeater and it's got to stop. So, tomorrow is day 1 of my commitment to get to healthy weight. Need to lose 75lbs in total but 1st goal is 10lbs. As of tomorrow, I begin to put my life in order and get back to the healthy eating habits I used to follow. I WILL SUCCEED.

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Same here got on scales today after burying head in the sand.


That's me too! Time to shake the sand out and make room for some sense. Day 1 is almost over and I can't say I've made perfect choices, but they have been better choices than I would have made yesterday, so I feel I've accomplished something. :-)


Good luck. Always good to start with positive attitude. Best advice really is make changes you can stick to for life. Smaller goals is a great thing to do when having a large amount to lose, i never look beyond the next stone and found even when i slip im maintaining now whereas in the past i would of gained. In last 13 weeks have lost 36lbs so it can be done


Thank you for support. Good to know that I'm doing the right thing by creating smaller goals. And well done on your own weight loss. Makes me believe mine is achievable too.


It is totally acheivable!! Have faith in yourself. Remember we are our own worse critic, and post here, i find posting my weigh ins keeps me focused, dont wanna post a bad weigh in. Ive still got 95lbs to go but this time i believe i can do it. So can you, play the long game


Good for you! Stay focused and you will succeed :-)


Thank you. Think you're right about staying focussed - I have no support at home so hoping joining this community will 'keep me going'


Why not start today? So many of my todays have been wasted in promises about what will happen tommorrow. Each time I make a food choice I treat it as the only food choice I need to worry about.


Im at the same point..

Around 70-75pounds to lose

Currently 16 stone 8

Wanting to be around 11 stone 8

I know how I got here

Overeating and not regarding myself in a positive way, but it's a double edged sword- I don't love me so I give up/I need to love myself to be successful in this!

Plus I'm 40 this year and I've never successfully been the right weight!


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