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Here we go (again!)

I had always been slim relatively until about 5 years ago when I piled on 3 stone due to a combination of a number things. (Age , bad back, meds, too much eating out, not enough exercise, being in denial!)

I have managed to lose almost a stone through a combination of Slimming World and more recently My Fitness Pal so I am pleased with that.

I am determined to lose the next two stone and thought Id give this site a go.

My Fitness Pal recommends 1440 calories a day so that's in line with the advice on here.

My goals

Current weight 25.01.15 - 13 st 5lb (will double check in the morning )

Goal weight in 12 weeks 20.04.15 - 12 st 5lb ( 1stone lost)

I will commit to the following-

1. Recording my calories daily on my Fitness Pal.

2. Plan my daily food rather than eating it and then recording it at the end of the day (and going over!)

3. Stay within my 1440 calories (net of exercise)

4. Walk to work 3 x per week (1.5 miles each way)

5. Walk for at least an hour each weekend

6. Post on this site at least twice per week for the 12 weeks including my weight loss.

It feels good to have written it down.

Good luck to me and everyone else on this site :) x

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Sounds like a great attitude to start with. With determination like that im sure you will do well. Myfitnesspal has been a godsend to me. Hope you find the support and motivation here that i have. Pre planning has helped me out loads.

Good luck and stay strong


Thanks very much. So far so good (only 20 hours in ha ha )


Every hour your strong your closer to your goal :-)


Thanks I'm wavering!!!! Will have a sugar free squash and go to bed I think!


Sleep helps lol! Hope tomorrow a better day for you


That sounds like a sensible target and an organised approach. Well done You can do this.

I have lost 23lb using myfitnesspal, at 1lb per week for the first stone, then much slower. You too will get weeks with no loss at all or even a pound or two gain, but this is normal,,, just keep at it. I gained a bit over Xmas, 2lbs, and hafe just lost that so am now 10st4lb. Just a final 5lb to go to my ideal weightl . The last stage is by far the hardest. But you CAN DO THIS,


Thanks you! Well done you are doing brilliantly!


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