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My 1st weigh in

Well i bought myself some scales today and had my 1st weigh in. I'm 44 years old and only 4ft 10 and weighed in at 12 st 4 lbs :( my BMI is 45. Today is the 1st day of what is going to be a long journey, i've downloaded the 'my fitness pal' app to keep tabs on my calorie intake. I'm hoping to lose 2 st 7 lbs my August as ready for my holiday. Am i being a tad ambitious?

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Well done on taking the first step! I know how awful it can be to step on the scales for the first time in a long time! I'm also rather petite and know that that means losing or gaining little bit of weight can make a big difference!

I don't think that 2 and half stone is an unrealistic goal in that time frame - it's around 1 pound a week until August which is a very healthy rate to lose weight at!

Until August try and take pleasure in small goals to keep you motivated rather than seeing it as one big end goal! Things like going under the 12 stone mark, your favourite pair of jeans feeling a little looser, loosing a stone etc. Maybe reward yourself by buying yourself something new to wear after every 10 pounds lost!

Good luck!

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Hi Rachel

thanks for the advice, setting myself a smaller goal sounds like a fab idea :)


I hope I loose I was about 14st a 2 yr ago now I am 12st 6 I still need to loose 2st to have a good pair of jeans


hiya.... well done... I love the my fitness pall app... as I like to walk a lot when I get the chance and this is the perfect app for keeping track


sounds good


Hi Fraggle,

I was 12 stone 4 pounds at my heaviest in August 2012, but I lost three stone (42 pounds/20 kilos) on the 5:2 Diet (Fast Diet) in six months - so you could do it too! I know others who have lost loads more. It's totally free to do and the results are amazing. Countless thousands have had spectacular results this way. What's more important is that it's very easy to maintain your weight loss after you've lost the weight you want to, instead of piling it all back on again.

The diet (or way of life) stemmed from a marvellous BBC Horizon programme called "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" in August 2012 which is on iPlayer tinyurl.com/qzgo7tq or tinyurl.com/a8ppjl7 if you can't see iPlayer.

I learned from it to switch to eating from smaller plates and I stopped nibbling in the evenings - too large portions are most people's problem nowadays.

Then Kate Harrison brought out her book The 5:2 Diet in October 2012 - I followed her instructions and by April all my excess weight had gone! It's really easy, and only two days a week rather than dieting every day. I used MyFitnessPal to log my calories, also free.

I was featured in the Daily Mail on Wednesday tinyurl.com/m7rqecq amongst other success stories.

Good luck, and please ask me any questions you like.


Hi Fraggle, well done on taking that first step. I have just started back on a long journey similiar to yours. I am 5Ft2, early 40's and have 10kg to loose, I'm not sure what that is in llbs, but not too disimiliar to your goal I think. I have been looking at the diet (5:2) that Gingernut used, looks like a good idea which works. Someone also recommended to me the 'dietdoctor', which is a LowCarbHighFibre way of eating. Essentially its all about portion control and eating the things that your particular body needs.

This will be the third time in my life I've had to loose this much weight and I can tell you that loosing slowly is much better as maintaining the weight loss once you reach the goal weight can be harder than loosing it in the first place. Currently I'm on week one so I'm easing myself in and watching portion size/ but limiting the treats (biscuits, glass of wine etc) to 3 each day. I will be picking one of the above mentioned plans to follow once I've done a bit more reading.

Plan to have some treats along the way, be it food rewards or watching a great dvd etc etc and know that you will have some bad days and possibly even some bad weeks. Perhaps have an idea of big end reward, maybe weekend away, a pair of great Levi's or whatever else, you get the picture. I will be following your progress.

Have in your mind the end goal, ie goal weight and what you want to look like, and never give up.

Hope you get something from this long ramble,


Good luck and keep posting!

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aawwww thank you for the reply, its really nice to hear from so many kind people who are going through the same struggles. i will keep posting and i will definatley be reminding myself that i am worth it :)

im havnt found my way round this site yet so im unaware of how to follow people yet but will be doing that now

thanks again for the kind words and i wish you well for your journey x


well done that's the first step.... I know everyone will bombard you with theire version of how to do it and which book to read and which DVD to watch and who said what, how when and where and if you don't use these methods you;ll fail......WRONG....

its about you .... doing this for you and no one else.... thats half the battle....

tiny steps is my motto..... cutting down on the sweet stuff, using common scence and asking yourself what your personal benifits will be it you loose the weight.....


Hi,hope you have a good first week...I bought new scales...was so scared to step on them...so faced it and my first week ive lost 2 lb...did 12 week plan last year...was good...then slipped into bad habits...so back to lose weight again..


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