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Wedding in 16 Months and 5 Stone to lose

So after a successful beginning to 2014 losing 2 stone by April, I fell of the band wagon 4 months in and never managed to get back on. And so were here at the beginning of the first full week of the new year and my journey begins again, except this time I can't fall of the wagon I'm getting married in 16 months.

My current weight is 16st 10ib and I know at 5' 11 this is not good. I'd love to be in the 11st weight range so that's my aim for when I get married. I'm just looking for any tips and help and advice that anyone can offer in terms of exercising, plans and dieting. I've downloaded the 12 week plan and the Couch to 5K which I am starting today!

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getting married is a great motivator. My daughter gets married in Oct. She announced this last year and worked out i had 18 months to lose weight. lost a stone and then promptly put it back on, so understand the the on/off wagon feeling. My advice would be set small goals, cut out snacks between meals and try and do a little exercise each day. If you have a slip get straight back on just have less the next day. wishing you all the best


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