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Hi I'm a member of health unlocked pbc(it's an auto immune liver problem)since being on the medication I've piled weight on but my daughter gets married July 31st so intend to look like a blimp

So ok I'm 13 stone 8lbs and today is the 3rd of jan.im hoping some kind supportive soul will be interested to send a comment and look again if I post again on feb 3rd.thank you in anticipation

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I am new but like to wish you good luck for your weight loss journey, let me know how it goes x


There is the NHS weight loss plan, and here on the pages is also the 5:2 diet mentioned. With the 5:2 diet I have success, but slowly because I am also on medication. But it is working. Check with your GP if the diet form is suitable for you. Best wishes .... ;-)


Hi, your around my weight, I lost a little, then went on holiday to Tenerife and put on a little, but back and determined for my health if nothing else. I have a great buddy on this site who is doing fantastically well, today I weighed too much, but feel free to send a personal message if you wish to weigh in on a Sunday


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