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Hi everyone - I've had a little meltdown!

I was doing the NHS plan between September and 1st December and lost in total 1st 8lbs, and felt like a goddess. I've dropped 2 dress sizes (depending on where i shop) and felt energised constantly, from doing couch to 5k and i even reached week 7! However, my daughter turned 1 on 3rd December and I had a whole week off work which resulted in naughty binges and scrummy homecooked meals i wouldnt normally make... And then I had my work Christmas party... And then it got to Christmas... And I then I became an emotional, lazy wreck on the 2nd January....

I know what I need to do but I'm scared! I just need someone to reassure me I can do it. I've put on 4lbs over December and it's got me really worried how easy it is to do. My boyfriend proposed on Christmas day and we're intending on a Summer 2016 wedding but I wont want to be in a beautiful white dress if I'm not at least 2st lighter.

I'm 5"5 and currently weigh 12st 4.

Any advice would be absolutely wonderful x

Happy new year to you all


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Ahhh, hollyrose, don't be scared! For one, you did it once, you can do it again. For two, what's a little setback of 4 pounds compared to what you had already lost? It was Christmas after all, so what, you enjoyed yourself a bit, as we all did. For three, I know this is everyone's personal view, but it sounds like someone wants you to be a bride no matter what the scales say :) Maybe get up tomorrow and go and join Laura for a little run? ;) Plus it sounds like your daughter will keep you running around for quite some time very soon. Hm, from where I am sitting, it seems like life is very good for you right now :)

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hello Hollyrose1992! i am in the same situation almost you now i started good and i just don't know how to deal with it right now, but i must say to you that a slice of pizza is really delicious but the feeling of looking yourself the best is just amazing. You know keep up girl you are a step further than yesterday you are already doing it just don't lose hope


You can get rid of that, you know what you need to do, just dust yourself down and carry on, look how far you have come, so you had a little rewind time, and maybe delayed loosing the weight a bit quicker, but you don't have to worry at all, maybe just add a few extra excersises in, or go for an extra jog, and catch up, your doing great, and you shouldn't doubt yourself just because you enjoyed Christmas, I garentee you are not the only one who has let Christmas in and enjoyed it, but hey its done now, and there's no point beating yourself up about it, take charge, take control, you can either step it up or carry on with what you've already achieved, and by the way your feeling, and I mean it sounds like you think that you've let yourself down, but you haven't, you just had a break, and now you just need to keep up the great work

Zoe xx


Hello my friend, you are certainly not alone. I calorie counted all summer and lost 22lbs on 1350 cals per day, and then my eating and drinking patterns were disrupted...not every day but many of them . I actually averaged 2700 calories per day from 20-28Dec ( I didnt add them up at the time, but have done since)

I was only 6lbs from my target weight and now thas 11lbs so Im feeling a bit down too. I can lose it again but it will take me easily 3months as Im not far to go, but 3months feels a long time ...all because of a Xmas binge.

So dobt worry, you will shed your 4lbs quicker than me!

Good luck just get back on it.


Sounds like you've enjoyed yourself ... its allowed... the thing is you are in control and 4lbs is lost in a couple of weeks so no big deal ...... get out there and run girl.


Whatever you did in Sep to Dec obviously works for you, so keep doing it!


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