Will I ever lose weight?

I just hate my body. I'm currently 9 stone and 10 kg, I'm 16 and 5'4. I've been trying to diet and I've really stuck at it for about a month and I've lost around 7 lbs but I'm not seeing a difference. My friend told me that she lost 2 stone and didn't see a difference, but I really do want to see one. How often should I go to the gym? I normally go 5 days a week, but I want to up it to 6 and when I don't go to the gym, I'm going to start going on a run. I'm not sure if I'm eating right? For breakfast I either have scrambled egg on sesame seed crackers or special k or wheetabix? Are these breakfasts good for weight loss? I have no idea! I then have a snack around 10 30, normally a piece of fruit or a fruit salad. Then for lunch I have a salad, or some soup and rice cakes, and then I'll have something around 2 hours later, probably some more fruit and then I'll come home and have my dinner after I've been at the gym. What should I be eating? I feel like I eat too much fruit and I know the sugars in the fruit aren't good for you but I don't know what else is low sugar, salt and fat that I could snack on? I've tried to stop eating bread and when I do eat it it's about once a week? Was I right to cut out bread? I just want some more tips to lose as much weight as possible. I'm not fussed about it being quick I just want to be able to see an amazing difference. Please help!

I don't drink anything but water and green tea or tea. Unless I'm going out for lunch then I'll have a diet coke.


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11 Replies

  • Hi Angel

    You sound a very determined young lady, the things you are eating for someone that is just starting out, is a very good meal plan.

    if you do a little resurch on line you should be able to find plenty of meal options, the 12 week diet on here is a great choice you could try.

    Don't weigh yourself more than once a week, as some people get ruled by it and it can lead to other problems!

    Get your self a tape measure and measure all the important parts bust, waist, hips, top of arms and thighs weekly, and you'll be surprised, you may not have lost weight but will have lost inches!! You may not know but muscle weighs more than fat, so don't be upset if you've not lost weight!!

    Have you got a friend that can go to gym with you? it will be good for both of you as you can be there to give each other support. If not I'd gladly be your life style buddy (I hate the 'D' word).

    Good luck, take care and angel blessings xxx

  • Try increasing your proteins - I.e snack on cooked chicken, boiled eggs rather than fruit. When you are exercising, try HIIT (high intensity interval training) as this appears to have a bigger impact on the body compared to more typical work outs. Special K is actually quite bad for you due to sugars. Try a more 'natural' brekkie like poached eggs or porridge. And definitely measure your portions - 40g (weighed uncooked) porridge, 125ml of semi skimmed milk, a teaspoon of honey and 40g of blueberries is a high fibre, low saturated fat breakfast (192 calories) . You're doing a great job, but some tweaks could help.

    Becca x

  • Hi Hollyeo, I am about the same height and weight as you are and I struggled for a long time staying at the same weight even though I was working out.

    A few things, I don't think that exercising help you lose weight, I think it helps your body function optimally. To lose weight, you have to reduce the amount of food your putting in your mouth. The food that you eat looks ok, may be you can reduce the portion size. What I do, I eat regularly but smaller portions. I try not to allow myself be hunger for a prolong length of time because sense goes through the window and I just want to get rid of thathungry feeling. Also, I try eating all my food before 6:00 pm.

    On fruit, I eat sweet fruit (banana, mango, sharon fruit) in the morning and the afternoon. However, at night when I feel pickish, I will have a sour fruit (red grapefruit). I find that when I eat sweet fruit, my body craves for more about an hour later but when I eat sour fruit, it stops my craving and I no longer feel hungry.

    Finally, even though you want to see your weight loss, celebrate the small wins, feeling better, eating a balance meal or even going to the gym on the regular basis.

    Managing weight loss will be your life long habit, you need to appreciate that it is not sprint but a marathon.

  • Hi Angel

    First of all slow down and take a deep breath. At your height and weight (I guess you mean 9st 10lbs not kg) your bmi puts you in the healthy weight range. Your desire to eat healthily and get plenty of exercise is brilliant and you have lost weight. You need to change your attitude though - you should accept your body shape and learn to love it, whilst still maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What is driving you? Is there someone you are trying to be like? You should never hate your body - it may not be as perfect as you would like - but that applies to most people. Airbrushed models in magazines are just not real, being really skinny is not attainable for most of us and not healthy either. The nhs offer good advice on healthy eating for teenagers nhs.uk/Livewell/Goodfood/Pa... and there are lots of links on that page for exercise for your age group as well. Focus on something else in your life other than what you look like, find someone to talk to about your body image anxieties, your family or someone at school perhaps. Good luck with maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle and leave the madness of trying to be skinny behind.

  • Thanks so much. It really does mean a lot and reading things like these do make me feel better. I'm just trying to find ways to stick at my diet, fun ways to eat healthy food and I just want to make sure that the things I'm doing are actually going to help me lose weight to maybe see myself in a better way, become more confident in myself etc. But even now, I can't keep myself motivated. I lost 7 lbs in a month and I was over the moon even though I saw no change and now it's just gone down hill towards the end of the month. Christmas is now coming and it's going to involve a lot of meals out and a lot of chocolate as presents, but I need to do this for me. I feel like I'll never stay motivated, a month isn't a lot and I just want to see progress. I want to be able to stick at it and know it's possible and prove all of my friends and family wrong. I know I'm not massively overweight but losing weight will make me happier.

  • It is great that you want to find a healthy and fun lifestyle - it is what everyone should aim for. But you should look for other ways to make you happy than losing weight. You are not overweight - focus on building your confidence in other ways. Good luck and keep coming back to this site if it helps - let us know how you are getting on.

  • Hi sounds like you are a good weight as you are , a BMI of 23 is excellent! you are only 16 and not fully grown yet, my advice would be to just eat healthy and get reasonable ex. you are not overweight, just be careful not to let others who may be obsessing about their weight affect you. being too thin causes all manner of probs including with mood. maybe see your GP or school nurse for reassurance, talk to a parent? all the best

  • You're still growing! Don't be so hard on yourself.

    Any form of egg is good for breakfast. Scrambled or boiled, or an omelette. Most 'breakfast cereals' have sugar added. Try a slice of wholemeal bread instead of rice cakes. Don't hate yourself! Stay active, and you'll be fine.

  • You are not overweight at all. You're a lovely weight! You're perfect! But you don't have a good relationship with your body or food. Read Walkthisway's answer, it's wise!

  • Hollyeo 9stones 10kgs is not fat I think you have a serious problem taking what everyone says to you My wife is 10 stone nearly 11 but she is the same size as you size 16 clothes that is not fat. You have to eat proper food because if you don't you will never lose any. I am sorry to say there is no quick fix but you can be sure through the winter you will find it difficult to lose any because when it gets cold the body keep a layer of fat to keep you warm you keep trying but do not let weight and food rule your life

    IT'S JUST NOT WORTH IT Take Care and good luck

  • At your age it is important to get enough calcium, so maybe a bit of low-fat plain yogurt for a snack would be good too, or a hard-boiled egg, or cut-up vegetables with hummus or low-fat cottage cheese,

    I am not a fan of boxed cereals, although it is probably not an unhealthy choice. You could try a vegetable omelettefor breakfast sometimes if you like, or yogurt and fruit (then have something other than fruit for your morning snack, e.g. nuts or egg or veg).

    Going without bread certainly won't do harm.

    Good luck; 7lbs down is good progress,

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