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Day 2 of 84 (12 week plan)

Yesterday went well with total calories under 1300. I started the day again with porridge today, with semi skimmed milk and two teaspoons of honey. When I go back to work next week, I plan to try eggs in the morning as I find that protein keeps me quite full in the morning.

Am planning on having an omelette for lunch and then I've bought a special meal from m&s to celebrate the end of my husbands first week in work. I shall update during the day

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Had an omelette for lunch, with onion and mushrooms and 20g of light cheese.

Running calorie total: 485

Breakfast = 249

Lunch = 236


A sedentary person usually uses between 400 and 600 kcalories from carbohydrate per day, and some people advocate that this should be the guideline for consumption. Ideally, most of this should come from vegetables; honey is just sugar with few beneficial micro-nutrients.

Protein intake is dependent on lean body mass and activity levels, with a palm-size at each meal being a rough guide.

The balance should be made of natural fats including eggs, nuts, olive oil, coconut, avocado, fish oils, and animal fats. For example, whole-milk is far superior to skimmed-milk (with added colouring).


I too find a protein breakfast better. Gets me through the morning which porage doesn't.


Sounds good, especially the protein-rich eggs.

How/what was the special meal?


It was an m&s shortcrust steak pie (I had 1/4) carrot & swede mash and vegetable bake. I had a small glass on white wine with diet lemonade. It worked out at around 1,400 for the whole day. :-)


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