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Cold weather??

Hey all, I am one of those people that can't stand the cold. Its usually when the weather turns cold I find it hardest to work out, especially since it aggravates my fibro as well. All I wanna do is wrap up warm n huddle up on my sofa. Does anyone else have a similar problem? So far im keeping my exercise levels up, but worried I will slip as it gets colder. Wanna start planning ahead. Going to do some research into recipes that are warming too as salad doesn't exactly warm you up lol.

Keep strong everyone :-)

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Cold weather makes me lazy and makes me skip my work out. To cope up with my work out vows I warm up wisely every day. Before any workout, I walk around or jog in place indoors for five minutes. When I head out I give my body time to adjust to the conditions by taking 30-second breaks every few minutes for the first 10 minutes. When jogging it's safe to avoid open roads and paths near water.


It's worth noting that you expend more energy when you are cold as maintaining core temperature is one of the biggest expenditures your metabolism has to fulfil, so it's not all bad news.

Good Luck.


You should try Thermal underwear it's great I like you can't stand the cold I was the one who in the winter when I was an HGV driver would only have a T shirt on and no coat now since I have had this Heart condition and Arthritis in spine and hips wrist you name it it hurts. I have a fantastic Doctor who looks after me with out him I would not be able to function he has my medication right now and I can manage the pain but it's the cold that really knocks me and Thermals are the answer you can buy a vest and leggings they are brill go on try them you will find the difference.

Take Care all the best Colboy


Vegetable soup and thermals, as Colboy has mentioned. I do an aquafit class in my local pool, exercising in warm water gives a good work out without damaging joints.

If you have fibro, have you looked at following a gluten free diet?


I think I have SAD. Not sure. I love cold weather.


Home-made soup, very easy to make with all the winter veg cheap and easily available. Warming and comforting.


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