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Interesting Short Documentary

Interesting Documentary which was aired on Australia's ABC Network last week and is now available for all to view for free via the web. It discusses and debates the Low Carb High Fat lifestyle (LCHF) in 30 minutes and keeps it fairly simple making it easy to understand for the Layperson.



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Thanks for another interesting watch. There are several interesting posts on that page too.


Sam Feltham has done a Video Interview with Dr. Maryanne Demasi after the program which is also quite interesting, especially where she talks about the responses and reactions (not all positive) they received after it aired from some health organisations.



Olsbean how good to hear from you- will watch with interest....


Nice to see some familiar faces also :) I am still around, I tend to read a lot of posts when I can even though I don't respond as much these days.


I've read through the transcript and most of it makes perfect sense. What impressed me most was the discussion about diabetes. I'm interested in this because (1) my husband has been Type 2 diabetic for the last 30+ years and (2) I've been told I'm at risk of developing it. It's something I can do without! To prescribe a high-carbohydrate for a person whose body cannot handle carbohydrates, makes no sense. The advice often given to eat at 3-hourly intervals, meals or snacks, also makes no sense. And the breakfasts given in hospital - yes, I've had those. If I was ever unfortunate enough to be admitted to hospital in the future I would refuse sugar added to breakfast cereals and would refuse the bread and jam.


Breakfast in hospital is always challenging, I've been in 3 times in as many years and the only options were all Carbohydrate rich choices. I'm possibly due another op on my shoulder shortly and if that's the case I will probably take a bag of Macadamia Nuts and a bag of Raw Coconut Flakes/Chips with me for breakfast. I guess another option would be to ask for a couple of portions of real butter to be put in your coffee, not as bad as it sounds but it might raise some eyebrows though :) still great for tidying you over energy wise until lunch.

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This Doctor has some useful advice, information on diabetes.



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