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Week 5

Weight change: +0.2kg (+0.44lbs)

Waist change: NA

Ah! What did I do! I think I let my guard slip. I fell into a mellow routine of workout and eat when I am hungry and took my eyes off the portion sizes :) I thought I had ingrained the new lifestyle but apparently not! I have also stopped the midnight nursing sessions. I think the body also needs a little time to adjust.

Any concerns: Have I gone off track? Nah, I doubt it very much. In any case, I am back on track now. My trousers are a bit further away though!

Any positives: Writing these little posts actually helps motivation. I was ashamed to say I had put on weight! but it did get me back to the mindset I was in before. Feels good to keep trying.

Roll on week 6!

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Hi Didi- we all have set backs and it is so easy to slip back into old ways. I'm back on the plan because I want to lose even more weight- my weight is basically the same after being off it about six weeks. I'm finding it hard to go back to calorie counting- but the most important thing is I know it works- so keep it at it and you'll get there!

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