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Need a right hand help to keep me motivated

Hello! I'm 19 years old & in the last 3 years I've gained 8 stone, ( I have now lost 2 stone since that gain) and lost a six pack and an embarrassing amount of motivation. I need desperate help to lose this weight and get back to running and Hockey, before it is too late. I was 9 stone, went to 17 stone and am now just under 15 stone. Please help??


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You can do this. Dont be thinking diet or numbers - think health and lifestyle. Take yourself off processed ready packed and takeaways - never say never because real life will include a meal out and an occasional takeaway. Sugar pumped into everything is causing the western world to be obese. I Use the my fitness pal application and the endomondo exercise monitor. Ive least over 4 stone and ran my first 10K yesterday. There are lots of pages on here to help you eat well and to begin exercising and running.

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Maybe if you sit down and think - why/how you managed to gain 8 stone in 3 years, you'd have an idea what you need to do differently. That's a huge amount to gain in a relatively short timescale and especially, at your age when people are normally active and have no difficulty in doing active things e.g. walking, climbing stairs, just being on your feet and living an active lifestyle. Ivylyndy is right. Sugar in everything, sweet fizzy drinks, non-stop snacking, artificial foods that our ancestors wouldn't have recognised and none of the natural items that our species has evolved to treat as food. These are the curses of the present day. I'm not sure I can really advise you because when I was growing up, it was all so different. A agree with Ivylyndy - do not think about 'going on a diet', that's another curse of the present day, a constant binge-and-bust cycle, guilt - no way to live, spoils your young life. It's very difficult in a place like this to give any sensible answer because we simply do not know the factors at play in your life, only you know that. Come back with more information then maybe we can help you.


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