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Calorie Counting/Diet App


Does anyone have a good Calorie Counting or Diet App on their phone that you can recommend? I cant keep track of what I eat and how many calories it is but if I had a app that kept track and added for me that would be brill, Thanks in Advance x

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I am sure techie people will respond and the post following yours talks about one. I use a wee book called 'pocket calorie counter' and a spreadsheet as a lot of the apps seem to rely on bar codes and most of my food doesn't have bar codes.

Good luck with your journey

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My fitness pal includes the same data as books like 'pocket calorie counter' as well as allows you to scan bar codes if you arent one to grow your own wheat to grind your own flour to make your own pasta. Not all packaged food is junk food, afterall.

Dont get overly caught up in the numerical details, no matter what database you are using, it is all just averages and estimates, few foods other than sugar, water, and fats are perfectly consistent in calories per unit. Nature doesnt work that way. Likewise, even the most sophisticated algorithm is only giving you a best estimate of calorie burn.

A system which tracks these is good, but don't let yourself get mental over trying to hit exact numbers each and every day.

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Perhaps you should have replied to playdough.I did say MOST of my food, by which I mean vegetables and protein sources such as meat & fish.


I use nutracheck but after a weeks free trial you do have to pay for it. My husband uses my fitness pal which is free. You can scan I bar codes but you can also search for the food by name and edit quantity etc...

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I use Nutracheck too.

I'd definitely recommend my fitness pal. I used it a couple of years ago & lost 2 stone fairly speedily. It's improved now with a step counter & various other bits. Best if all it's free. Good luck

MyFitnessPal every time! You can even scan in bar codes if you have a smartphone - and it's free!

i use the old fashion pen and paper and leave it near where i sit in the lounge so i can see it and its reminds me that i've got to stick to it! im a very techie person but theres something about having a piece of paper in front of you that stops you from ignoring or forgetting about it!

My fitness pal is amazing, you can track what you eat, log your activity/excersize, and it tracks your progress :) Definitely recommend that xx

Myfitnesspal fab app an you can link lots if walking running and fitness apps to it x

Myfitnesspal definitely - I love it for scanning bar codes - makes eating on the go so easy. Good luck! x

Thanks all, Downloaded My Fitness Pal and its great, also added the Pacer too so 2in1 is even better :D

Online Calorie Counter iPhone and Android App Count your calories and balance your nutrition… Careot is a free food tracker iPhone app which helps the user to maintain a record of the food consumed and also helps in getting the correct amount of calories consumed by choosing the food item from the vast database provided with the app, adding the features of a calorie counter iPhone app to this amazing application and making it one of the best food tracking apps for iPhone.

I've just signed up to a Nutracheck app, free trial for a week. This is my first day and I feel if I keep track I'll have more success with my weight loss. Well, that's the plan, anyway. Nutracheck app seems to have it all. You will get a week's trial for free.

Hi playdough125 3 years on... How are you doing?

@playdough125, I use my fitness pal, free and has good reliability. It can track activity as well as calories in. It can scan barcodes and learns things you eat all the time!

Agnis2019 December

My fitness pal is good and you can use it for free give yourself time to try it for a few days you soon get used to it

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Hi and welcome, Agnis :)

Great advice, but this post is 5 years old and I don't think the original poster is still around.

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