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I feel controlled

I think I figured out my over eating problem

I plan my meals out every Sunday for the week, because I'm a very organised person

But I feel like I'm controlling myself as to whqt I have to eat instead of just generally eating healthy, and I hate being controlled which is why I think my habits are coming back

I just want to break that barrier but I'm scared that if I don't count calories and just eat healthiy that I'll go over my 1400 calories :(

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You sound so like me! I have such great intentions, try to plan, but then when the time comes I get in a sulk if I have to force myself to make something I no longer want. That just makes me want to eat something else, and usually do. Managed to crack it at the end of last week - I went to the shop and didn't really think about what I was buying, but I came home with a selection of healthy and not-so-healthy options. When the time came to decide what to make I actually chose the healthy one. I think it's the choice that counts. If the option is there and you know you aren't forced to do anything, doing the right thing is much easier.


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