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Strength training for dummies

I've just read candystripes post about the resistance training and i'm wondering what other people do for strength training. I have found the strength and flex guide on the NHS website which I'm going to look at this weekend, or one evening if it gets any cooler. I have previously not done any strength training so am looking for an introduction to it. What did you start doing and where are you now?

Thanks in advance for any advice :)


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I do 1-2 body pump classes per week,


It works a range of muscle groups and you can start with small weights and increase as you build strength, it's suitable for all ages and body shapes. You will have to stick with it to see changes, like anything really! Don't be self conscious give it a go! And it means you don't need to think to much about what you need to work and how many reps etc.


Hi again Kate, I chose the resistant band as they are "cheap" equipment. I have never done strength training and I didn't have any way to do strength training except the gym and not ready for that yet! Yesterday I went through various youtube videos for use with resistance bands and found exercises that were suitable for me. I found 20 different "moves" to tone arms, shoulders, back, abs and legs and found it really helpful as you can do this anytime during the day if you have a few minutes to spare or while watching the television. I'm getting to grips with it now and enjoying the challenge of something new. Like everyone and everything else, I thought I couldn't do it BUT I CAN, I WILL AND I DID!


That sounds quite good, I too am not ready for the gym. I think I have a resistance band that came with a dvd somewhere, will have to hunt that out and give it a go.

Thanks :)


Oh if only you lived in Lisbon, I could do with a "buddy"!!! Hope you find it.


NHS Strength and Flexibility programme and Eckhart Yoga online (started with their YouTube stuff and the free material on their website)


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