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Hi guys, I am new to the forum I am a 24 year old female and I've been struggling with weight gain over the past few years due to just poor diet and laziness really! I am 5"3 and weight around 12 stone so being short and this weight is a real problem because it just makes me look a million times bigger. I am looking to lose around 2 stone (more if possible) with a healthy diet and regular exercise has anyone got any advice or tips that have helped them achieve? Please let me know! Xx


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  • Set yourself smaller goals, a BMI point or half stones and celebrate each success, a hair cut, manicure or a new piece of clothing, doesn't have to be expensive I started wearing their stuff when I started to lose weight and have continued, I amazing how much better you feel and look if you get a proper fitting garment. We weigh in here on a Monday please feel free to join us good luck!

  • Hi Prin, I saw your post last week about weighing in on a Monday, please how does this work as I'm alone here without friends for support? Congratulations on "doing it" by the way. Candystripe.

  • please don't feel alone if you ever need to chat just inbox me... i feel the same but what we got to remember is that we are all going through the same things and we can all be here for eachother :-) jade_clarissa

  • Thank you jade_clarissa, that's so kind of you. Have a good weekend!

  • On Monday morning the post will be started and you just chip in, people give their results from last week either new and old weight or difference in lbs or kgs. You can add why you lost/gained and your goals ahead, any tips meal choices others may likevto share here is a link to Mondays thread, Ps I love Desigual too! Got a coat for my birthday it's a 12. I don't think I will ever be their size 10!

  • Lol! So my XXL blouse will be a long time fitting into it. Oh well never mind, I'm prepared to do it. Will chat Monday then. Have a good weekend.

  • Joined Sun 29.6.14

    Hi GG90. Prin has good advice there & don't try to do it too quickly - what I am doing is eating more fruit & veg. I understand how you feel I am 5ft 2 & 47 years old so I know what you are saying by being short & havin weight issues. I have been on so many 'diets' what I am going to do is change my 'lifestyle' & eat healthier longterm not 'just for now'

    I am going on the Monday Weigh In (nxt Mon is my 1st Weigh in)

    Good Luck

  • Hello! I was exactly the same!! 5ft 3" female just over 12 stone... I've lost my first stone and feel great! I gave up chocolate for lent and lost 8lbs then after I started work out Dvds which didn't take much time out of my day at all and a week later I lost the stone..

    Since then I've not done much, just been getting use to losing the weight and my body shape now, but hopefully ill get back into my old clothes soon :)

    Set yourself goals but stick to them!! You may not feel you can do it at times but if I can give up chocolate for 40 days then anyone else can do it lol.. Believe in yourself x

  • Sammy you've made me feel miles better! Thanks a lot xx

  • :-)

  • :-)

  • hi hun...

    i know exactly what you are going through, i'm nearly 24 and im 5 foot 4 and 13 stone and i've had a problem with my weight for a few years now and i'm really struggling to cope and you a so right our height and weight does make us look a million times bigger... i am looking to lose around 3 stone i've just recently started slimming world and lost 4 and 1/2 lbs my first week and was very pleased with myself, but i haven't been for a few weeks now and i dont think im going to go back as its very embarrassing when they read out what you have lost/gained and then you have to explain what you had been doing that week...

    im so lonely sometimes and feel like i'm the only person in the world i don't have any friends as i've just moved to a new place so i haven't got any support apart from my partner and hes great thank god... well i hope we can share our tips and advice with each other... it feels really good to talk to someone who is going through the same thing as me... jade_clarissa xx

  • Hi jade, so nice to hear someone else is feeling the way I do.! You always feel like you're alone. I've tried all the diets and fads but nothing sticks. I have said to myself that I just have to make changes not "diet" as such. I will be starting the gym this weekend with a personal workout programme to follow which will help and keep me busy and motivated to eat well. Height is such an issue isn't it! Taller people my weight carry the weight in all different places it's so annoying! Don't be down or feel lonely try joining a gym or fitness classes meet people trying to do the same as you! I'm here to support you if you need it I know exactly how you feel.

    We can do it!! We can share food ideas and keep eachother motivated with abit of healthy competition! X

  • hi GG90...

    yeah the gym sounds great, but the only thing that puts me off is that i wouldn't have anyone to go with and i would feel very uncomfortable there by my-self, but my partner is such great support for me and hes just said that he would come with me as he has started training in the last few weeks... a personal workout programme sounds great, where did you get one of those from?? as i wouldnt know where to start or what to do lol...

    talking about food ideas there's this breakfast a few of the ladies at slimming world have recommended to me : what you do is get a big wine glass or some sort of thing like that it could even be plastic as long as its big enough for layers, and layer the bottom with porridge oats then a layer of yoghurt then porridge oats again then yoghurt again ( low fat or natural yoghurt is the healthiest option) then pop it into the fridge over night and in the morning all the yoghurt would have soaked through the oats and its delicious, and you can even add frozen or fresh fruit as it won't go bad as the yoghurt keeps it fresh, and even a drizzle of honey and i guarantee you it will fill you up until your next meal you won't be disappointed... so just give it a try and let me know how it goes :-) xx

  • No problem!! If you want to chat, just message me, I'm same age aswell and want to be lighter before my 25th in four weeks... And I know exactly how you and Jade feel with feeling alone and I felt like that at start of it allwhen I put all the weight on about four years ago when I started the relationship with my fiancé.

    I've also recently started gym but Jade I feel the same, having someone to go with feels better but on your own you can go when ever you want and do what you, see about classes or even a personal trainer to support you, that's what they are there for

    For me I have found losing weight is a change of mind aswell as body, and to go through some uncomfortable situations is nothing compared to how amazing you will feel when you lose the weight and hit your goals.. That's my motivation xxx hope it helps

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