Still on plan!

OK, first week, 5 days in - but mind is still in the right place. A holiday is a powerful motivator! What have I learned in the last 5 days? Prepare lunches and snacks to take to work to stop unplanned eating, keep writing down everything I eat to check calories, keep this week's goal in mind. After looking at the Dr Jason Fung videos on YouTube I decided I needed to eat more good fat and and less carbs. Did have a sneaky check of the scales and it is looking good for my next weigh in, fingers crossed.


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  • Well done- I think keeping off the scales is the hardest thing for me as I used to get on them every morning- but I was nicely surprised when I did get on! I agree that writing it all down is a pain but keeps you focused. Good luck for the rest of it!

  • hello loobyloo :)

  • Well done Jlmitch! Keep going! Happy/healthy eating. :)

  • Hello Mrs Wobble! I lost 5 pounds in my first week and have been quite good so far this week, although social events are a challenge! Not managed to get myself moving much though. How are you?

  • Well done. It sounds like you're staying positive and I think that is the key. There will be set backs but if you persevere then you'll get there. I think that logging what you eat is a great way to help you focus on what you put in your body whether that's simply what balance of foods you're eating, how many or the whole calorie kit and kaboodle.

    When I first started counting back in January it was quite tricky. Now 5 and a bit months later and 5st 9lbs later I feel I'm somewhat of a pro.

    Well done you.

  • Wow, you ARE a pro! 5st 9lb! If you can do that then I must be able to shift the 1st 7lb I need to lose by November! Congratulations and well done for all the hard work!

  • Oops meant to say 4st 9lbs not 5st. It's because I was think I'm nearly at 5st! I've now lost 4st 12lbs. Only 2lbs till it's 5. I'm still really proud of myself though. When I've got to my first goal bmi which is 10st then I'll have lost a total of 6st 5lbs. I'm considering loosing another 1st 3lbs so that I'm in the middle of my healthy range.

    I'm not going to pretend it was easy to do. You have to have willpower but if you want to truely do it you can and you have to realise it's for life not just a short period of time. You have to break habbits and make you healthy ones. It really helps motivation once you see results I think. I was super motivated once I'd lost my first stone and when I got to my 3rd I knew I was almost half way.

    It's not jut what the scales say though. I feel so much healthier and have more get up and go than i used to. I've lost 5 dress sizes and I can now buy clothes in regular high street stores rather than 'fat people' shops.

  • That's still A LOT! Brilliant! I lost 2 stone about 15 years ago with WW. Then put about 1.5 stone again and lost that and then put back on then lost again, and then I'm back again at 1.5st up again! I just get fed up/life happens/say I'll start tomorrow/have a holiday....... I need to work out how to lose and then maintain. Not easy when we are all surrounded by food we like to eat. If I loved to eat lettuce and broccoli over cake and icecream and drink carrot juice instead of wine I'd be fine! I really need to get this sorted! Once my head is in the right place I can lose. Maintaining the weight loss is the difficult bit for me. I just revert to type and over eat! Got to get that sorted this time one the weight has gone.

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