Happy weightloss

So today was my first weigh in since I started my lifestyle change AND I lost a whooping 3kg! In three weeks! *all smiles* Although this is not much, because I have lost more during my past FAD diets! However I am content and pleased with myself that I lost the weight the right way and I know I am guaranteed that the fat is gone for good! Every stepping stone leads to conquering a milestone...persistence is key!

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  • Well done, that's good progress and slow & steady is the key.

  • Yes it is! And thank you

  • Good on you, thats alot in 1 week, I am 2 days in so hope in 5 days to be able to report some lose. cheers

  • Lol, I wish it was in one week, however it wasnt, this 3kg is a loss in 2 and half weeks! However I think one could lose 3kg in one with extensive exercise. Cause I have been easing myself in this lifestyle change. I dont want to push myself or anything. So in my first week I didnt exercise as I have exams ans everything, so I hardly have time. In the second week I made it a point to make time atleast every second day I took WALKS and it was just the lovliest time ever! Being outside and admiring nature, wonderful. In my third week, which im currently still in. I take 3mile fast walks and because its cold I downloaded a video from youtube of this 3mile fast walk which is also really great! And I do this every day. So im gradually building up my stamina and easjng into all this. So GOodluck Goodluck and GOodluck! The rewards Re just great! Youtube people who have lost weight, its also very inspirational because it shows how long it took them. Cause I generally wanted a quick fix weightloss and there is no such if you are doing it the right! So Kudos to you for taking this step! Keep me posted on your journey.

  • thank you for your reply, still 3kg in 2.5 weeks is great.

  • If you get the chance to up your exercise I thoroughly recommend C25K.

  • Thank you, I'll definitely check it out.

  • Good for you , I too am going slow and steady, I lost 2lb this week, and although I am really happy about this I am more happy that I am doing it the sensible way and proud that I am treating my body with respect it deserves! keep it up x

  • Yes! I think the underlying reward is that WE ARE DOING THIS THE RIGHT WAY! *HIGH FIVE*

  • Congratulations!! Did you lose all that in one week? Wow! I am on week 3 of the plan now and everything is starting to feel more like a habit. I try not to think or obsess too much about it, but I try to plan my meals every night for the next day. I am starting to feel much better...Its true what you say, persistence is key. I want this to become a way of life for me...I dont want to be the yoyo dieter that I am! Hope you have a good weekend!!! Good luck with the rest of the journey!

  • Lol! I realised I forgot to Exclusively include that I lost that in 3WEEKS *as I look for an edit button* its great, I was also yoyo dieter! Name it and I've tried it all! Kudos to you and Yes! We definitely changing our lives.

  • Sorry...just read the whole thread of comments...3 kg in 2.5 weeks is commendable...and you have lost exactly the same amount as me so far!!! Cool!

  • Yes We are indeed!!! Where is the 'like' button on here! Can't find it either!! Enjoy the weekend!

  • well done that's good.

  • Thank u

  • Awesome! Well done Basic! Slow and steady wins the race- you may be able to lose more weight faster on a fad diet, but they haven't worked for you in the past have they. This is a long term thing, and slow losses are sustainable :)

  • Indeed they are, thank you :)

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