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Should I be eating exercise calories?


I'm using my fitness pal and it adds additional calories when I exercise, I'm trying to go 5 times a week so adds up to quite a lot. I don't know whether I'm supposed to be eating them or not? I tend to have a snack like a banana an hour before the gym which is outside my allowance to give me some energy as 1200 cals is just enough for 3 meals a day and not be totally moody!!

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why are you doing 1200 cals/day?That's not enough! Follow the advice on this site

I don't eat mine, I do use some for my weekend wine and gin which I can't live without!

It is up to you if you use them or not. I enjoy every one of my exercise calories but if you want a faster weight loss: don't have them. However, as you are on 1200 I would personally recommend having some, especially if your feeling hungry.


1200 is OK but I'd watch out if you are sticking to it on a *regular* basis - and more to the point, unnecessary if you are able to do that much exercise. (The NHS programme is for 1400 for women but predicated on you doing the recommended levels of exercise) I find 1200 is a *target* (whether I hit it or not) that works for me - according to Runkeeper my exercise doesn't burn that many calories and I am not well enough to increase the intensity.

I am on 1200calories which seems right for me as I'm only 5ft 2 and in my 60s, don't burn much and don't have a lot to lose, on that I can lose 1lb a week. If I go for a long 10 or 12mile walk I eat extra, otherwise I keep exercise calories for when I fall off the wagon, it seems to work for me.

I use my exercise calories for a treat - around 300 a day, a cupcake or glass of wine.

My fitness pal also allocates me 1200 calories and I usually eat some but not all of them. I have to keep myself really busy to stick to 1200 a day. I've lost 4 stone 3 lbs and now I see myself as a normal size its so hard not to cheat!

wowee 4 stone 3lbs is impressive !! i need to lose about that - i've already lost about 1 stone 8 lbs so long way to go - I find it hard to stick to 1400 so how do you stick to 1200 ? any tips please ?

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