A turning point

Good morning. I'm new at this so please be kind. I'm a 49 year old divorced man and I have reached a turning point. For several years I've gradually increased in weight and I have noticed (ignored) a simultaneous decline in my quality of life. Some little things like aching knees, inability to bend over or general fatigue but also some more serious issues like sleep apnoea.

I firmly believe that my weight gain began as a result of my psychological reaction to divorce. I never saw it coming at all and thought that everything in the world was right. Then 'bam', she left me. Up until then I was an active person with decent eating habits. Since losing my house, much of my pension and many of my friends, I turned to food and developed bad habits.

I am now 27kg overweight but determined to get back to 80kg. I have set myself a goal of reaching my target weight in two years maximum which seems more than achievable at a sensible pace. My approach is simple - eat less and better, exercise more and above all, FOCUS.

I'm hoping this forum will help with motivation but I am determined to do it.


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8 Replies

  • I achieved my initial goal of getting into a healthy BMI range and did it over two years being pretty relaxed about it (ie I didn't completely cut anything out) and I'd definitely endorse your plan to do it over that timescale. I found for me it helped to break it down into quarterly 5kgs chunks (otherwise it is too easy to put it off...)

    Have you seen the NHS Couch to 5K running programme, available on free podcasts? It's a really nice way to increase activity and mental well being (and a great forum on HealthUnlocked) Graduate from that and you'll have a real sense of achievement that no-one can ever take away from you and it sounds as though you could do with that having taken such a bashing over the last few years.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks for that. With regard to running, my doc has suggested that I start walking before running which is good advice. A few years ago I did a Help for Heroes 26 mile walk so I know I can do it.

  • That sounds like a very good plan. Well done on turning your corner and good luck on your journey.

  • Thanks a lot. First steps and all that... :-)

  • Good luck to you, walking is great also try swimming too, its good as the water provides good support for your joints, you can build up your strength without risking injury x

  • Yes good luck...you sound really motivated!....chipping away bit by bit is the way to go!x

  • Running certainly is not for everyone! I dont run, hated cross country running at school and nothing has changed my mind since. I am 61, with 2 stone to lose and a torn miniscus in my knee, but I try to be active in smaller ways eg a weekly 3mile walk is achievable, a thrice weekly 1 mile walk is achievable, and if driving i park the car further away and walk the final 10mins. This together with support from sites like this all helps a lot. Good luck to you, take it a day or week at a time.

  • Quite right. If you do high-impact activities like running, you need to do resistance exercises too that develop the muscles around the joints to improve their stability and integrity.

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