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Newbie from Worcestershire


Hello everyone - I'm new here (just joined this afternoon) and am really keen to up my exercise and lose some serious weight!

I'm not long back from having spent the winter in France, and while I was away did hardly any exercise - despite having access to the wonderful Morvan Forest and a dog! We also had a very busy Christmas and New Year with a host of visitors staying with us over a fortnight or so during the holidays - so rather too much eating. And don't get me started on the wine!

Anyway - now we're home and I have to take myself in hand. I weighed myself last Thursday, so this will be my weigh-in day. I was 12st 12.8lb and I'm looking to lose 4st (or thereabouts). My exercise regime has started again this week. I go to two classes (I've upped it from just the one) a week - Zumba on a Monday and Fitsteps on a Thursday, and I do three workout videos a week. I also go for a long walk every Saturday with my best friend and our dogs.

I'm going to pay closer attention to my diet though. I'm a demon with crisps and I have a sweet tooth. I can go for weeks being good, and then I have a blowout and eat a giant bar of chocolate, or a family-sized pack of crisps. I'd like to blame it on depression or unhappiness, but I'm in annoyingly buoyant and humorous spirits and enjoy my life in every other way!

So I guess I'm going to have to do the best I can and keep checking in here giving and receiving support. I've got a good feeling about this!


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ZestHealthy BMI

Hi Yinxfed,

Welcome and I hope you have a great first week. You have got a busy exercise regime and you're paying attention to your diet, so that combination sounds like a great plan. You also sound very positive and motivated. I am sure those things will help to keep you going and spur you on, along with the support of the members of this forum - that looks like a recipe for successful weight-loss to me!

Hope you have a good week.

Lowcal :-)

Thanks Lowcal. I'm a good "starter", but I have a bad habit of becoming disheartened when my progress stalls. I'm really hoping that this 12 week program will encourage better staying power!

Do you think it makes a difference starting on a Wednesday or should I start tracking my progress from next Monday?


Welcome Yinxfed

You've done the right thing by making yourself accountable on here. I've found people to be super supportive on here and they give you a "virtual" kick up the backside when it is required too!

Your exercise and eating regime sounds good. I've tried losing weight/dieting quite a lot in the past but, like you, became disheartened after a while and gave up. This time around I've changed my mindset and found that by calling it a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE CHANGE and not a weight-loss or diet, has helped me to not slip off and become disheartened. I've lost nearly 1stone in 7 weeks, I am feeling great and really beginning to enjoy trying new healthy foods too.

It doesn't make any difference what day you weigh yourself on, just as long as it is around about the same time. I do my weigh in on a fortnightly basis on a Saturday morning between 6-8am. Seems to be working much better than weighing myself weekly as the progress is more significant.

I hope all goes well for you, keep in touch with us on the forum about your progress. Feel free to private message me anytime, I'll always respond. :D

Yinxfed in reply to Hidden

Thank you Fordie777,

And congratulations on your weight loss so far - 1st in 7 weeks is amazing!

You're absolutely right, I do recognise the necessity to make myself accountable and am looking forward to the journey!

Thanks again for your warm welcome.

Hi Yinxfed

Wow you have certainly hit the road running and with your obvious determination you will achieve your goal.

You are definitely doing all the right things especially the cardio fitness classes. If you need some variation to your at home workouts check out and download some of the free cardio workouts. It also has some nutrition matrices to help calorie count.

Good luck with it, and stay determined

Yinxfed in reply to SimonM

Thank you SimonM,

I do like to have access to a variety of tools, so I'll definitely check out the site. I've also downloaded a free app called myfitnesspal to my tablet which helps me to track my calories and exercise schedules.

I need to stay focused!

Thanks for the welcome, Simon!


'I can go for weeks being good, and then I have a blowout and eat a giant bar of chocolate, or a family-sized pack of crisps'

I have this same problem with crisps, pringles etc. Will go a month without them, then fancy a treat, but rather than just have one packet of crisps I have to scoff a whole pack of 6, or even 2 packs of 6, as I would probably have bought them in a 2 for £3 deal or similar. I can totally go without things, but don't seem able to do them in moderation. The same is true with donoughts, cookies etc. I totally gave up all alcohol at the end of August partly for this reason (although I wanted to give up for other reasons as well).

Good luck! :)

Yinxfed in reply to TenaciousD

Thanks TenaciousD!


Of course you have a problem with pringles

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