Valentines Day Treat - update on new clothes

Valentines Day Treat - update on new clothes

Took Prin's advice and decided I needed some inspiration with my wardrobe. I didn't buy anything but had a rummage in wardrobe and round new clothes still with labels on that were too small when i bought them a few months ago. Popped them on and felt like a new woman. SO went off out for champagne and valentine eve supper - Lovely!


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12 Replies

  • Lovely photo - well done!

  • thank you - I feel quite pleased too:-)

  • Fantastic! Have a lovely time.

  • thank you

  • HI suzybenj,

    Oh yes!

    I remember how happy I was when I found I could fit into 32 in waist jeans again!

    Together with the slimmer, lighter, less-effort-to-move-around-in, body, it really does feel just soooooo good, doesn't it?

    It suddenly makes all the effort and difficulties just melt into thin air.

    It left me thinking - why oh why didn't I do it years earlier?

  • Thank you - as you say - should have done this years ago - but have wasted time sabotaging my own efforts. Still progress has been last!

  • You've achieved some-thing truly marvellous, it's such a wonderful feeling being able to fit into smaller clothes. Congratulations.

  • Thank you - it has certainly given m the spur to lose more!

  • Well done, I got rid of 7 silk dresses that had become too small how I wish I had kept them, got a few new clothes tho, and they fit me, got a bit tight 2 weeks ago, so more sugar free for me, easier than I thought.

  • Well you...I bought new trousers as I lost two inch of my waist...felt good too.

  • Well done! you look fab and confident if I may say so I think it's time for an up dated profile picture! It's funny it didn't cost a penny for you to realise how wonderful you look and how your shape is changing do you think running has added to your tone?

  • Can't tell you how much better I feel -I hadn't realised I was toning up with the running and have lost few pounds - but was wearing the same old drab clothes and feeling quite fed up. So I have re-intoduced colour back into my wardrobe -and it has been noticed at work by numerous people which is fantastic.

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