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#WLC week 1 report - Learning to love my (food) scales - and my new bike!

I'm stunned I managed a whole week recording how much food I actually ate. MyFitnessPal is a great help but I had a setback eating a whole (!) bag of nuts on the very first day and had a lot of catching up to do to meet the 1200 calorie daily target. I didn't meet it - by Sunday I needed my weekly chocolate fix and was disappointed to see just how many calories are in such a small piece. We've still masses left over from Christmas.

A bit of salvation came when I collected my new council sponsored bike and I was chuffed to see how I could try and redeem my over indulgence by pedaling about, unfortunately I don't think the mince pie I scoffed as a reward for supper will have helped.

Average daily calories 1406 but I don't think my portion control is too good. I do a lot of home made meals and working out the details isn't always my thing so there's a fair bit of guesswork.

Bottom line - 3lb lost this week so I'm back down to my 'normal' overweight self. Not sure how I'll fare this week. I did Couch to 5k last year, but it wasn't really for me, my back or knees although the dog looked great. Wondering if to try out the Strength and Flex again - the dog is giving me a resigned look - she needs the exercise too.

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The NHS plan daily intake for women is 1400 calories so don't beat yourself up about your average.

I use a wee book called 'pocket calorie counter' by carolyn humphries, which I got from Amazon. It gives calories for all basic foods plus a lot of processed stuff I have never heard of, in realistic portion sizes. i just spend a few minutes each day working out the calorie count of what I have made and weighing pasta, rice etc. My dog doesn't like running, so as well as doing c25k (week 3) she is getting walked as well. Just walk a bit further with the dog if running doesn't suit. Give away the chocolate! Good luck!


Thanks! Great idea about the book - and our dog will be delighted at longer walks. Not sure I can manage to give away the chocolate ... think it will need to be rationed out and calculated in to our Sunday afternooon treat :)


If running is not for you because of your knees I can also suggest aqua classes as they are really fun but with much less impact to your knees!!!and I agree with previous comment that walking is great too :-) portion control can be easier if you look at suggested portion size on rice or pasta packets!!!same with cereal first time I weighted 40g of cereal o realised I used to eat three times that :-) good luck :-)


Thanks. I like the thought of getting back to the pool - my kids keep saying they want to go swimming too so need to take action. I'm not too good at swimming other than breast stroke and my back has scuppered that so I'll be looking to practise another style. Sadly there's no aqua classes outside of my work hours but I'll do my best to get back in the water. Watch this space.

Good thought about checking portion size on packets - I still haven't told my family what I'm up to so being rather sneaky with the scales. I'll try weighing out some portions when no-one's around.


Hi Beckipeg,

A weight loss journey is often also a bit of a journey of discovery about food! I know I was gob-smacked when I realised how many calories were in a pretty small bag of cashew nuts.

Portion control really matters though. It's so easy to read a cereal box which says something like 168 kcal a portion (45g) and then pour out a bowl with 130g or more in it.

Oh and weigh the rice and pasta and other dry ingredients. You may find yourself shocked at what a reasonable portion of potatoes actually is - I was.

Good luck with your weight loss efforts.


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