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A great time but weight wise I have paid the price - back on track from today

I unfortunately continued not to do so well and am feeling very annoyed and disappointed with myself this morning. There is no time like the present and I am getting back on track today. (How many times have I said that over the years?????)

Since the 11th December I have gained an incredible 9 lbs. My only hope is that because I have gained so quickly, I will lose it (or at least some of it) very quickly. What this has taught me is how careful I need to be and that I have not re-educated myself on healthy eating, even though I thought I had.

It started with my Husband's birthday on 14th December and ended with my Grandaughter's first birthday party yesterday - so 15 days of over indulgence (and very obviously lack of self control.) I know where I have gone wrong.

My goals this week are to start walking every day and to lose any weight I can - no actual figures in mind. In other words, get back on track.

Happy New Year to all fellow healthy eaters and good luck this week.


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Hi there, I know how you feel! It was my birthday on 13th Dec, and I've been on the slippery slope since then. I finally plucked up the courage to weigh myself this morning - 7 lbs gained in total! I had started on low fat eating plan last January and managed to (gradually!) lose 2st over the course of 10 months, helped along by pilates class and the C25K programme. Then I became 'stuck', but reasonably happy with keeping the weight off. All of a sudden I've gone mad with eating whatever I fancy, and I'm paying the consequences! It's so so easy to put on, isn't it? I'm consoling myself slightly with the fact that I'm still 1st 7lbs lighter than this time last year, but I'm also annoyed at myself. I'm back to work on Monday and I just know those work trousers ain't gonna fit!!! It can be done though, and we can definitely do this. Hopefully some moral support on this forum will help. I'm just going to focus on losing the Christmas weight to start with, then tackle the rest after that. Good luck, and happy New Year.


You'll soon slip back into good habits, as it sounds like you're determined to get on track and you have achieved such amazing results in 2013 - all the best for the New Year.


Good luck this week - I take on-board your comment about having thought you'd re-educated your eating habits as I'm at that stage too. My Christmas lapse didn't last as long as yours, but still found me wanting to pour a glass of wine/eat dessert after every meal/reach for the snack bowl! I think you'll find that 9 lbs WILL drop fairly quickly but take it easy - better to lose it over a couple of weeks, and the feel you're back on track. My extra 4 lbs has gone just with 30 mins walking and going back on The Fast Diet since the 27th. Will enjoy a few glasses tonight without fear! HNY


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