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#wlcw10 Bad news!

I've taken my eye of the ball and this week, managed to put on 2lbs, so am +5lbs to my pre holiday weight. I know it could be worse but .....

I stopped logging what I was eating and have started reaching for higher calorie foods again, and have stopped any walking. Hubby is very good at encouraging me with eating habits but sometimes I don't want to listen! I also know he will be good with my portion control when I can't do much and won't be cooking.

I've been very stressed over the last 10 days for various reasons, and am scheduled for a foot operation on 28th Oct which means I will be confined to bed for 48 hours and then on crutches for 2 weeks with minimal weight on the foot.. After that, it will only be gentle, short distance walking for about a month.

So, I know I it will be very important to control calorie intake.

Tomorrow is another day and I have 5 days where I can try to get myself back into good habits, so here goes!

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Try not to be too hard on yourself! Unfortunately being stressed can affect weight gain (cortisol). Hope the op goes well.


Thank you Penel. I did get on the scales again this morning (a bad move as I only weighed yesterday) and was another + 2lbs. So I have plenty to think about!


I have thrown my scales away. Too depressing , too handy to look every day and too easy to cheat. Instead I go into town weekly and weigh myself on the scales at Boots. ( They don't display weight, they print out a nice discrete note).


Please read my recent post in couple of minutes and I hope it will help you.


Don't be too hard on yourself. Sounds like you have a lot of support from your hubby. Hopefully he can help get you through this difficult patch.

I know it is difficult to keep on track with the diet with that kind of worry. I had a "diet break" in May due to breaking my hand badly and needing surgery plus 8 weeks off work. I was unable to cook for myself most of that time and exercise was difficult as most things were painful for my hand. In the end I gained about 4-6lb over that period. But I got back on track with diet and exercise when I felt more under control with the rest of my life, when I was back at work able to sleep properly again etc. Being unable to exercise for a few weeks actually gave me a little kick up the bum to finally start the couch to 5k since once I was recovered I no longer had an excuse not to get going :)

Fingers crossed that your op goes OK and you recover as quickly as possible.


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