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Ideas for Low Calorie/Healthy Food to Choose from Indian Restaurant Menu?

I am going out to an Indian Restaurant tonight, and wondering what to choose from the menu to ensure I don't do too much damage to my weight loss goals. I've heard that tandoori chicken is a good option, and also boiled rice and perhaps a dhal curry, but wondered if anyone has any good ideas or experiences that they would like to share, to help me think about my choices tonight!

Lowcal :-)

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Order something that isn't based on a cream sauce.

Usually an Indian Night for me is and 'OH WELL' night for me.

This means I have what I want but am sensible with ordering. So whereas before we would get chips, rice and a naan bread each plus a paratha, we now only get one or the other of chips/rice, 1 naan bread, 1 paratha. I also eat less of the side orders than usual and only popadoms for starter.

I'll then make up by doing more exercise, and changing what I eat for a couple of days.

Indian is one of the hardest things to calorie count on as every one has their own recipes, which is why its an 'OH WELL' day!


Hi Bunblebeaz,

Your reply is very helpful - thanks for that. I will certainly avoid any creamy sauces.

I am looking forward to the meal, as I know the food is likely to be quite tasty!

Lowcal :-)


I now go for Vegetable Balti (Always ask to make sure they don't put cream in though) and boiled rice which I either share with my wife or leave a little. I no longer have the Naan or Poppadom etc. If we are having starters then I sometimes have Chicken Tika which is reasonably healthy.


Hi OlsBean,

Thanks for your suggestions. I am feeling hungry now, and looking forward to the meal.

Many thanks,

Lowcal :-)


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