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C25K Day 1 - I loved it!!

It was soooo good! I thought I wouldn't be able to get past the first two runs, but the 60 seconds goes so fast that your already back to walking before you know it! And then I was done! I felt so good! And I wasn't so exhausted that I couldn't do some weight training afterwards. I could feel the burn in my bum, thighs and calves.

I would recommend the NHS C25K podcasts to anyone who believes they are unfit, it's not as hard as you think it's going to be. It begins with a brisk walk and gentle jogging, so you aren't pushing your limits so can really keep going! Bare in mind that I'm 5'2, close to 15 stone and very unfit, if I can do it, I think anyone can!

I'll admit the music could be pumped up a little more, but there are some other free podcasts on iTunes with the same workout with some good tunes if this is really a must have.

I'm actually looking forward to Sunday to do it again! (Did I just admit to liking exercise....)

If anyone has followed the podcasts please let me know how you got on, if you have any tips for what exercise to do on the days between runs, what's good to eat before/ after.

Good luck to anyone else on this workout!


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